Romantic Fresh Flower Christmas Tree

I confess, I've been in a rut.  A Christmas Tree rut.  Every year for my entire adult life I have put up a fresh tree on the first Saturday in December (this somewhat rigid behavior is very unlike me as I am more of a fly by the seat of my pants girl).  I decorate this Frasier Fir with sentimental ornaments collected over the years and freshly strung popcorn (starting halfway up the tree thanks to my two giant dogs).  Every. Single. Year.  

This year I decided to try a theme tree for our neighborhood open house. I researched and pinned my heart out.  Farmhouse, lake theme, color schemes, flocked trees, all of it. I wasn't feeling it until I thought FLOWERS!  A few years ago I made this floral arrangement for a bridal shower. I loved it as the guests were able to take the flowers home at the end of the party.  I decided to try to recreate it on a Christmas Tree. I'm pretty excited about how it turned out.


 Christmas Tree with bud vases

Christmas Tree with bud vases

The first thing I needed was a tree.  I was looking for a specific tree with room between the branches so the vases would have room.  I found the perfect tree here from Grandinroad. A bonus as it was on sale.  The tree arrived and it's much larger than I expected.  I had some vases left over from the Bridal Shower but the tree was so large I needed a few more.  I found them here.

Lightbulb shaped glass vases

I didn't use the gold lids for this project.  I wrapped twine around each piece creating a way to hang them from hooks. I used a glue gun to insure the twine stayed in place.

Single Vase

With the thought our guests could each take a vase home at the end of the evening, I tied pretty gift tags around them.  If I had more time I would have personalized them with each guests name.

Pink, White and Red Roses

I decided to use red, white and pink flowers.  The red was because they really popped against the green and the white (because I love them so) and pink because why not!?!?!

Pink Rose Solo

They turned out so pretty!  My photos aren't doing them justice. I love the sparkle of the lights hitting the water in the vases.

White rose solo

While shopping for ribbon I found a larger vase just like the mini's and I used that to make a tree topper.  I finished the tree with some simple burlap ribbon.


Fresh flower tree topper

The bud vases would look lovely in a tablescape also.

Fresh Flower Tree

It's very cool to be out of my tree rut. I am feeling ready to step out of my holiday decor comfort zone this year.  Stay tuned. 

Until next time,