Painting the basement ceiling black helped us turn a storage space into a dark and moody game room.

Designing our basement remodel presented a unique challenge when it came to the ceiling. Standing at a modest height of 6 feet 7 inches, the ceiling had a network of plumbing pipes and HVAC ducts to deal with. Lowering the ceiling with tiles wasn’t aesthetically pleasing to me, and we were advised against drywalling without leaving access to the plumbing. Painting the basement ceiling black emerged as the most appealing solution.

Cons: This is a 650 square feet ceiling, and it took several coats of primer and paint. We had been warned that the plywood would soak up quite a bit of paint, but OMG!

Trust me on this…you seriously need to spray a ceiling. We would never be done if we had tried to hand brush or roll this job. You can rent or buy a decent sprayer. Check below to learn which one we used.

1. Get the Room Ready- Move all your furniture out of the way and cover with drop cloth or plastic. 2. Mask Off What You Don’t Want to Paint-Remove switch plate covers, baseboard or trim you are not painting. 3. Get Yourself Ready- Change into paint clothes and wear a hat to cover your hair. 🙂 Use a respirator and goggles.