Easy Apple Cider  Sangria

Perfect for Thanksgiving!

What would Fall  be without a trip to an apple orchard? And while others find delicious things to bake with their Fall apple and pear haul, I like my fruit with a little bit of warmth and kick to it! 🙂

Here is what you will need.

– 2 medium pears – 2 Honey Crisp Apples – 2/3 cup orange juice – 1/2 freshly squeezed lemon juice – 4 cups of fresh apple cider – 1 cup of bourbon – 1 bottle dry red wine – Cinnamon sticks


– Dice the apples and pears – Placed diced fruit into a medium bowl and pour the bourbon over it. Add 2 cinnamon sticks. – Place mixture into the refrigerator to marinate for 4 hours. – In a large pitcher combine the wine, apple cider, orange, and lemon juice. – Pour the bourbon mixture into the pitcher after removing the cinnamon sticks – Stir well and refrigerate for another hour pour into pretty glasses