Using  Grocery Store Flowers

Today I  am sharing how quick and easy it is to put together a centerpiece with grocery store flowers.  I am the HUGEST fan of those inexpensive bouquets you can grab while picking up your weekly grocery list. My favorites are from Trader Joe’s. I am such a fan. So let’s start this simple DIY holiday centerpiece.

You will need three of four bunches of flowers. I choose three holiday greens and some Lisanthus. and a bag of cranberries.

My favorite flower arranging tip is to create a grid- here; It’s a simple but effective way to make sure your flowers look their best. I am using regular scotch tape but floral tape works even better. This will provide some stability to your stems while arranging..

Start with the most plentiful greens. The add the next bunch of greens and finally the primary flower which here is the  white Lisianthus. Continue until you are happy with it! That's it. Click below if you'd like to see more.