A simple diy holiday centerpiece with grocery store flowers

Hello and happy almost Christmas!

Today I am popping in to share how quick and easy it can be to put together a centerpiece with grocery store flowers. I am the HUGEST fan of those inexpensive bouquets you can grab while picking up your weekly grocery list. My favorites are from Trader Joe’s. I am such a fan I will stop on Thursdays to see what new flowers are arriving (yep, I know which days my T.J.’s receives their flowers).

So let’s begin with what I found today.

Christmas Greenery Centerpiece

Christmas Greenery Centerpiece

I am using a simple bunch of Christmas greens- it has two types of greens and cost 4.97. I also picked up a bunch of white Lisianthus for 4.97. Score! I love Lisanthus and was happy they had them in white.

Flowers from Trader Joe’s

Flowers from Trader Joe’s

The first step is to choose a container. I am going for a hygge feel here- minimal and natural, so I chose a simple glass vase. My favorite flower arranging tip is to create a grid- here; I am using regular scotch tape. This provides some stability to your stems while arranging.

Grid made of scotch tape on vase

Grid made of scotch tape on vase

Once I began, I realized I wanted a little more color than my original green and white plan. I had fresh cranberries (actually left from Thanksgiving );- so I added them to the vase. They will stay fresh for days as long as you change the water regularly.

A bag of cranberries saves the day!

A bag of cranberries saves the day!

I filled my vase 3/4 of the way with cranberries and then refilled the vase with water. The cranberries will want to float to the top. That is okay, just keep gently pushing them down. Next strip all leaves – and in this case needles, that will go into the water. Note: I saved the needles for a simmering stovetop potpourri recipe I make every year at Christmas.

Strip the stems that will be below the water line.

Strip the stems that will be below the water line.

To begin arranging- gently push the stems into the water and cranberries. Wiggle them around the cranberries as you add them. I worked the grid from the outside in, starting with the greens that I had the most of. Then I added the second type of greenery (which gave some height) I built out the right side a bit for more of an asymmetrical look so it doesn’t feel too stuffy.

Fill the vase with cranberries

Finally I add the the lisianthus. I love the white against the greens and how the blooms look a little like roses.

White Lisianthus

White Lisianthus

Christmas Centerpiece

That’s it! A quick and easy centerpiece for under 15.00, including the cranberries!

Wishing you the happiest of holidays!!!

Until next time,


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  1. Cat Michaels says:

    Libbie, who colorful AND quick! Love the crabnberry color pop. Easy enough for fumble-fingered me to give it a try and brighten our Covid Christmas for Two this season -:D!

  2. Sara says:

    Great point to know which day your store gets its flower delivery! Beautiful centrepiece! I love the red and green combo :).

  3. Very pretty. I love the cranberries in the vase. And the white flowers are perfect.

  4. Michelle says:

    Oh Libbie, that looks beautiful and so clever adding the cranberries to the vase for that gorgeous, unexpected pop of color.

  5. meegan says:

    It is always nice to visit your blog and see your creative ideas. This centerpiece is just delightful filled with the Christmas season. The cranberries are a gorgeous touch.

  6. What a great idea, it looks stunning. Very creative idea.

  7. Janet says:

    Gorgeous and looks do-able for those like me who are florally challenged!

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