Citrus and Fresh Flower Arrangement with tulips and blood oranges.

How to DIY a Summer Citrus and Flower Arrangement.

Are you a fan of fresh flowers? Oh, me too! But the flower arrangements from your local florist can get pretty pricey. That’s why I usually head to my neighborhood grocery store for more budget-friendly options and then arrange them myself. I’m excited to share one of my favorite summer flower arrangement ideas today: Let’s add some citrus! It’s surprisingly easy to DIY a stunning summer citrus and flower arrangement, and I’m here to show you how.

What kind of citrus fruits can you use.?

Anything goes here. For today’s flower arrangement, I am slicing the fruit, so I am using Blood Oranges for their beautiful color (and they were a bargain from Trader Joe’s, who also carry some of the most beautiful blooms!).

  • Lemons
  • Limes
  • Oranges
  • Ruby Red Grapefruit
  • Pomelo- I love the color if you can find them.

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Getting Started:

Gather two vases- one that will fit inside the other with 3/4 of an inch or so to spare.

Fill the larger vase to the top with clean, cool water.

Thinly slice your oranges. My slices are about a quarter of an inch thick (you’ll want them to fit nicely but not overlap each other).

Slicing blood oranges.

Place your orange slices into the larger vase. Use a butter knife or a skewer to help with placement. When your oranges are placed where you like them, add water if needed to cover them completely.

Sliced blood oranges in DIY arrangement.

Floral Preservative:

Before we start arranging, let’s get our flowers prepped.

Fill the smaller vase with cool water and add a splash of vodka – about a tablespoon per quart of water should do the trick. Vodka isn’t just for cocktails; it works wonders as a flower preservative! The alcohol helps inhibit bacterial growth, keeping your flowers looking fresh and vibrant for longer.

Use Vodka as a floral preservative.

Prepping your fresh flowers:

I am using tulips, but any summer flowers will work. This flower prep works for most types of flowers. Give the stems a fresh cut at a 45-degree angle using sharp scissors (I use these). This slanted cut helps increase the surface area for water absorption and helps prevent the stems from sitting flat against the bottom of the vase, which can block water uptake. Gently remove any leaves that would fall below the waterline to keep things clean and clear. If you’re using any greenery, I give them a good rinse and trim any wilted leaves. Now, our flowers are ready to be arranged into a beautiful arrangement!

Tulips and Greenery for a diy flower arrangement.

Now for the fun part! I’ve started with greenery, lining the outside rim of the vase with Italian Ruskus and some feathery Eucalyptus. Gently add the tulips one by one, varying their heights and angles. Don’t be afraid to let some of the tulips lean against the edges of the vase – this helps to create a relaxed, organic feel.

Arranging a summer centerpiece with tulips and sliced oranges.

Here are a few simple flower-arranging tips:

The height of your flowers will look best if you cut them to be around 2.5 the height of the vase.

Turn your vase as you are arranging. Your flowers will feel fuller than working on one area at a time.

Tulips stretch overnight. So, allow a little extra space for them to “grow.”

Change the water daily! Both in the oranges and the flowers.

Bright citrus and flower DIY centerpiece. Perfect for Summer.

I love this citrus theme for summer and can also see this type of centerpiece being perfect for weddings or baby showers.

And there you have it – a stunning summer citrus and flower arrangement that will brighten any room!

What do you think? Are you ready to give it a try? Looking for some supplies? Check My Amazon Store for my favorite floral arranging tools in the Flower Arranging 101 section.

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