Vintage storage basket.

I found a Vintage Metal Basket. See how I styled it.

I love finding a unique vintage piece. It seriously makes my heart beat a bit faster. I think a home feels more layered when adding items with a story. So, when I recently found a vintage metal basket at a local market, I knew it would be perfect for some storage, and for six dollars, I wasn’t about to pass it up. Let’s take a peek at how I styled it.

Vintage Metal Basket

This piece was in pretty decent shape. I used a stiff brush to clean it up a bit and then wiped it with a soft cloth.

Sealing it with Polyurethane.

I had the idea of using this basket as storage in my bathroom, and I didn’t want the moisture to cause rust, so I coated the basket with three coats of spray polyurethane.

Vintage metal storage basket getting ready to be coated with polyurethane.

I decided to use this basket as hanging storage to hold extra TP in the bathroom. So I found some leather cord to hang it.

And a couple of swivel hooks to attach the cord.

Vintage metal basket makes a charming addition for bathroom storage.

I know the leather cord around the hooks, and I’m done! How easy is that?

Black metal basket  a vintage find becomes a great way to store extra rolls of TP in a bathroom.

This is how it looks in the bathroom at our short-term rental.

vintage metal basket, once a flea market find, now adds character to a bathroom as stylish storage

It’s super easy, and I think it’s much better than a shelf from a big box store.

A weathered metal basket brings a touch of industrial chic to a modern bathroom while keeping essentials organized.

Why do I use Vintage pieces in my home?

Vintage items bring a unique charm and history to your home that you can’t get anywhere else. Adding vintage and antique pieces is a great way to make your space feel personal. It will help a space feel layered and lived in. Plus, vintage decor has a timeless style that never goes out of fashion!

Start with something easy.

My advice when you are starting is to start with something small that you love as it is or find a piece that you can modify easily. Here, I added air plants to a vintage printer’s tray.

Ari plants on a vintage printers tray.

A few years ago, I turned a vintage chicken crate into a coffee table that is also a conversation piece; I just added some wheels. You can see how I did it here.

Vintage chicken crate turned into a coffee table.

That is it for today. I hope I’ve inspired you to search out your own vintage pieces.

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