Fall Heirloom Pumpkins decorated with succulents and dried flowers

DIY pumpkin centerpieces with dried flowers and succulents

Hello! Today, I am sharing my favorite fall combinations (and it has nothing to do with pumpkin-spiced lattes). I have long loved using pumpkins as Fall decor, and if you have visited the blog before, you might know that I love succulents, so today, I am going to grab my glue gun and make a couple of DIY pumpkin centerpieces with dried flowers and succulents! Let’s get started.

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What you need to get started:

There are various succulent plants. You can source these from local florists, nurseries, and grocery stores. I buy mine from Amazon. They come in small 2-inch pots, and I love that they mix up the varieties.

I am going to make two different pumpkin centerpieces today. I am going to start with this Blue-Grey Pumpkin, which is so trendy right now. This is an heirloom variety called Jarrahdale, and it is perfect for use in Fall decor as it is long-lasting. You can find them at your local nursery or garden centers.

Other items you will need.

  • Glue Gun with glue sticks
  • Succulents– mine are from Amazon.
  • Dried Flowers
  • Moss
  • Scissors
  • Artists paint brush

Making your DIY Centerpieces

Once my succulents arrived, I took a paintbrush and brushed off the dirt from the plants.

I then opened my bags of moss and started placing it around the pumpkin stem. I like to lay it out before I begin to glue it so I know how it will look before I start burning my fingers (just kidding—be careful with the hot glue!).

With this pumpkin, I layered three types of moss for texture (Sphagnum Moss, Spanish Moss, and Purple Reindeer Moss) and depth, then glued them on.

I have tried using spray adhesive or tacky glue instead of a hot glue gun for succulent pumpkins, but they don’t adhere quite as well. Here’s a tip for using hot glue and moss: I like to use a wooden skewer stick to help push the moss into the glue.

DIY pumpkin centerpiece

Once the moss is secured, it’s time to add some succulents.

DIY Fall Centerpieces with pumpkins, succulents, dried flowers and moss.

Use your paintbrush to ensure your succulents are free of dirt. Cut the succulent stem off close to the plant.

DIY Succulent Pumpkin.

In the next step, add hot glue directly to the succulent- using a generous amount and place it firmly onto the moss.

Fall Decor with pumpkins and succulents

Continue adding your succulents (turning your pumpkin as you go) until you have a nice base and are happy with your design. The best part of this simple project is there is no wrong way to make these. Keep working on them until you find your creative mojo. 🙂

DIY Fall Centerpiece with heirloom pumpkins and succulents

Next, mix the larger succulents with smaller sizes, different colors, and varieties, adding as much visual interest as possible. I like to add the little succulent cuttings at the end as a finishing touch.

Adding moss to a pumpkin centerpiece with succulents.

Here is the final grey-blue pumpkin centerpiece.

Blue-gray Pumpkin with succulents and moss.

You may be asking- so what about the dried flowers? Well, once I finished adding the succulents, I loved them just as they were, and sometimes less is more. 🙂

Dried Flowers for your Pumpkin Centerpiece

Let’s make another DIY Pumpkin Centerpiece and use dried flowers this time.

Dried Flowers for DIY Pumpkin Centerpiece

For the dried flowers on this centerpiece, I used a mix of florals, seed pods, and sheet moss that I had on hand.

Now, I have to admit I may be obsessed with white pumpkins.

For this centerpiece, I am using a White Boer Pumpkin, another heirloom variety, for this succulent arrangement. This type of pumpkin has a flat top and is also great for stacking! When shopping for pumpkins, I always look for ones with stems, like this one.

White pumpkin Centerpiece with dried flowers.

Start by adding your moss to the top of your pumpkin. I am using Lichen moss here.

White Pumpkins and dried flowers.

Once the moss was applied, I started making small bundles of dried flowers that I hot glued together.

DIY Pumpkin Centerpiece with white heirloom pumpkin and dried flowers.

I glued the bundles to the pumpkin, turning it as I went along. I then added some dried seeds to the pumpkin, which I loved as they added a natural vibe.

DIY Fall Centerpieces with pumpkins and dried flowers

This is how the Pumpkin Centerpiece with dried flowers -and seed pods turned out.

White Heirloom Pumpkin decorated with dried flowers for Fall centerpiece. #thanksgivingtablescape #fallcenterpiece #pumpkindecor
White pumpkin with dried flowers

How to Care for Your DIY Pumpkin Centerpiece with Dried Flowers and Succulents.

I love these succulent arrangements so much. You can make them early in the season – you could even use faux pumpkins if you don’t want to wait for pumpkin season. The succulents will last for a couple of months-they are living plants, after all. I’ve had them continue to grow and last for months. If they start to look dry, lightly mist them with water and keep them in indirect sunlight.

Heirloom Pumpkins with succulents and dried flowers.

These pumpkins would be lovely using little mini pumpkins- maybe a hostess gift? They look pretty grouped on a dining room table and would make a wonderful Thanksgiving Centerpiece.

You can shop my Amazon Store for some of my favorite tools and things I like to use when making my succulent projects.

Let me know what you think. Will you make your own? If you do, please share a pic with me. I’d love to see it.

Until next time,


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