Simple outdoor decor inspiration just in time for Memorial Day

Spring has taken her sweet time coming to Michigan this year (it snowed until mid-May). I guess that has been a good thing during these quarantine weeks/months, but I am more than ready to drag out the patio furniture and celebrate the sunshine. I have found it’s been tough to freshen up my patio decor this year as I like to feel cushions, throws, and such online, and in Michigan, we are still under stay-at-home orders. So today, I am sharing some past incarnations of our deck in Grand Rapids and our back porch here at the lake. I hope you find a little inspiration as you are pulling together your perfect outdoor space. Let’s start with the Grand Rapids deck.

Solar Lanterns from Terrain

Solar Lanterns from Terrain

These pretty solar lanterns were my favorites last summer. They looked beautiful day and night. You will often find a vase of fresh-cut flowers on my deck or porch. I love how flowers connect the inside and outside.

Mirror in backyard

I like to add mirrors to my outdoor spaces. I love how it reflects other parts of the yard and adds some visual interest to the boring garage, and it expands the space just like it would inside. Just be careful of placement. You don’t want to start a grass fire or something weird. This one has been hanging all year round for a couple of summers without an issue.

Cement Succulent Planters

Outdoor plants

I use a variety of containers on the deck. I love mixing concrete and then softening it with woven baskets. I am not always careful with some of the baskets I chose as I tend to shop TJMaxx and Home Goods for them, and if I only get a few summers of use, I don’t mind too much.

Concrete bench with Geraniums

Concrete bench with Geraniums

As you can see, I like using blooming plants for pops of color- for example, on this moss-covered bench I inherited with the yard, and I use lots of succulents because of the neglect they can handle (we spend a lot of time at the lake house during the summer months).

Deck with succulents in copper planters

Deck with succulents in copper planters

Close up view of succulents

Close up view of succulents

Let’s move on to the covered porch at the lake. Here It’s a much more shaded space. It is also the space we spend a lot of time at, so I want it to feel like an extension of the indoors. My number one tip for making a comfortable outdoor space is adding textiles. Bring out the rugs, pillows, and throws. Vary your textures. I love using woven poufs (below) as they are very comfy for putting your feet up and, as a bonus, can double as additional seating if needed. The goal is to make the outdoors feel as cozy as the inside.

Porch goals

Add some whimsy. Here I added one of my favorite signs.

Add some whimsy. Here I added one of my favorite signs.

Another sign with a favorite saying.

Another sign with a favorite saying.

In the photo above, I used perennial grasses in pots because I loved the texture. They look amazing straight through Fall.

Houseplants on vintage trunks

Houseplants on vintage trunks

To draw the eye up, I always make sure I have a climbing plant or something really tall in this corner.

Trailing plants on porch

The same rules of design work in your outdoor spaces too. Staggering the heights below creates visual interest. These topiary are some of my favorite plants to group together.


And, of course, my favorite additions to my porch. These little loves.

Grand Littles on Porch


Thank you for popping in!

Until next time,


Simple Outdoor Decor Idea’s

Simple Outdoor Decor Idea’s

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  1. Robin says:

    What a wonderful collection of plants for your porch.
    I love plants and flowers on my porches too.
    Even though we’re social distancing this summer we should always decorate our homes to make us happy.

    So nice to meet you.

  2. Roxanne says:

    I love all of your outdoor decor, so pretty! Pinning!

  3. Cat Michaels says:

    What a lovely porch. We have a wooden fence on one side of our yard that belongs to the neighbor. Tempted now to ask if I can hang a few things on our side of it!

  4. PAMELA says:

    Gorgeous space

  5. Heidi says:

    So inviting!! I want to sit down and enjoy it!

  6. Kristi says:

    Simply beautiful! Looks like a wonderful place to enjoy and relax in. Such a variety of plants! Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  7. So glad to see you at Tuesday Turn ABout, Libby! Woot! Love your summer outdoor decor ideas!

  8. Libbie, you have so many great ideas for displaying plants. I’m taking notes like crazy! I’m sharing your post this week on Tuesday Turn About. Be sure to stop by and share more of your fun posts!

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