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The Best Places to Buy Art Online

Today I thought I’d share the best places to buy art online. I am often asked where I find the prints I use in my home and our Short-Term Rentals.

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Cloudy Sky Print from Etsy.

Did you know that I spent ten years in the corporate world working for a Home Decor company? The company specialized in Wall Art (we sold to the mass market and big box stores like Fred Meyer, Target, and Meijer Inc) and one of the many things I took from that experience was your art should be unique! I like to find affordable art pieces that will help your spaces feel uniquely your own. I love walking into a room and feeling I have learned something about the owner through their choices in wall art.


Etsy is a wonderful source to find Art Prints. They literally have hundreds of thousands of prints to choose from. Once you find something you love, the sellers will send over a file that you download onto your computer and then have it printed yourself, or they will mail the actual print to you. I have ordered both ways. Office Depot, Walgreens, Target, and Walmart are all accessible places to have something printed for you. For the print above, I downloaded a file, then sent it to Office Max to be printed on canvas for depth and texture and then framed in a vintage frame I found at the flea market. Pricing on Etsy varies, but the Cloud print above starts at 3.00 for the art and is 13.00 to have printed on the canvas. The frame is vintage and was 15.00, so a total cost of 31.00 for a 16 x 20 piece of art.

Society 6

I am a big fan of Society 6. They are an affordable option (I always during their sales), and they allow their artists to set the pricing on their work, and I call that a win-win. These prints arrive in 3-5 days and are well-packaged and printed on decent-quality paper. Society 6 has upped its decor game tremendously over the last few years, and once you find a print that you love, your options for decor are endless. I also love these mini pieces like this one with its stand and this mini box frame. I scatter them throughout my spaces to add color and whimsy.

A mix of favorite prints from Society 6 & Artfully Walls

Buying Art online
Kitten Bandit from Society 6

Are any Dave Grohl fans out there?

Art print from Society6

The prints below are on my covered porch. I made the frames and added a coat of poly to the prints to help keep them from curling in the elements—all prints from Society6.

Best places to buy prints online.
Society 6 art prints.


This European company sells all kinds of home decor items but specializes in Art prints and framed prints. The site has over 120,000 options to choose from. The prints themselves are more of a poster than an art print. They also sell framed prints, and I was pleasantly surprised by how nice the quality is. I love that they carry larger sizes than some of the other companies. Free US shipping with orders over 69.00. I haven’t had any issues with damages, and I have ordered several times. They package everything well, so there are no problems with damage.

FY! Art online store.
Spring Bliss by FY!

FY! Also offers canvas prints at reasonable prices.

Canvas Print from FY!
Flamingo print from FY!
Flamingo Print

Artfully Walls

Okay, Artfully Walls is my FAVORITE place to buy prints online, as I love their selection! The print quality is also exceptional, and they come printed on very thick paper, so I will often frame their pieces without glass. I love how easy it is to navigate the website and how they group galleries together for you. That is very helpful when you are buying art online. It can be hard to imagine what pieces visually complement each other. Here is a fun fact, much of the art that Anthropologie sells is from Artfully Walls.

Gallery wall featuring prints from Artfully Walls online.
Dove in from Artfully Walls

Below is one of my favorite pieces. I recently had to move it from our house to one of our rental properties because it scared one of my granddaughters (she is three). I thought maybe she would outgrow it, but it turns out she dragged her cousins along, and they staged a bathroom strike. So this print is now at our Grand Rapids Airbnb.

Knuba 2010 Artfully Walls- Best Places for buying art online.
Knuba, 2010 Artfully Walls

Another Artfully Walls favorite: Dandelion

Dandelion by Artfully Walls

Below is a mix of prints from Artfully Walls and Society6. Tulips in Vase, Checkmate II, and a larger size Kitten Bandit.

Framed art in Short-Term Rental.
As you can see, I love the Kitten Bandit Print. She is in every STR we have.

Poster Store

Poster Store is great if you are looking for inexpensive posters and frames. I like the groupings they put together, as they have made it quick and easy to fill up a space. We used them here to fill an art rail at one of our rental properties.

Poster Store. Online Prints

Vintage Prints

Juniper Print Shop is my go-to for all things vintage. I recently ordered this and this swan and cannot wait to have them framed. Oh, and this horse print is all over HGTV right now.

Home Revivals– I love this butterfly print and this pretty floral.

Olive and Oak Prints– Take a look at this beautiful Gallery Wall!

Honorable Mentions

Rob Wild Photography– This artist catches some of the most breathtaking nature photography I have ever seen. He is a Michigan native, so I may be partial to some of his art, but it is GORGEOUS! It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I love this one and this one.

Gallery Gals– I love this series for a nursery!

I hope you have something perfectly quirky for your own home. Do you have favorite places to add to my list of the best places to buy art online? Comment below so I can check them out!

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