The books I am gifting this Christmas

I’ve just wrapped up my holiday shopping and let’s hear a big WOHOO for that!

If you read the blog often you may already know I am a huge bibliophile.

I even threw my daughter a book themed baby shower- virtually!

I love to share my love of reading with friends and family by gifting books for Christmas and today I thought I share what I’m buying in case you are looking for a last minute gift.

Loved The last thing he told me by Laura Dave this summer

Books for lovers of Interior Design:

Okay so some of these choices may be for me!

But I swear I am gifting some of them. 🙂

The House That Pinterest Built by Diane Keaton is my favorite design book to gift.

It’s been around for awhile but its a gorgeous book and looks stunning on a coffee table.

Books for the Grandkids:

These make me heart happy to share.

The Sophies Squash book is darling (and has a sequel).

I can’t help but share my love of the Beatles with the grandlittles so I am excited to gift the book In My Life which is illustrated to the Beatles song.

The cookbook is going to my Granddaughters that love to cook with their mama.

For my fellow Plant Mamas:

The How to raise a Plant is the perfect guide for a budding botanist and the book Terrain (by the store of the same name) is beautifully photographed showing how to incorporate plants into your home.

Books for my Happy hour Peeps

I found some great books for the friends I enjoyed many a virtual happy hours with this past year.

Around June, I finally introduced my friends to each other so we could combine all those Happy hours into a once a week occasion for the sake of my liver!

Books for those with wanderlust:

I love to travel and I can’t wait to feel like I can do it again without worry.

Until then I am rewatching all of the Anthony Bourdain shows I can find and planning to knock a few more states off my list.

Maybe New England next Fall?

For those who love music:

Showing my Beatles love again here.

This Paul McCartney Lyrics book is for a very special Beatles lover in my life.

I am hoping to borrow the Dave Grohl book!!

Book Club Friends:

I LOVED this book and am gifting it twice this year.

That’s my list as of now. If you have suggestions please let me know!!

Until next time,


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