Friends standing outside the City with a Soul sign Waco, Texas

Visiting the Mothership- Magnolia and Waco

Hello Everyone!

I am back from a whirlwind of a week. This past week, I attended the most amazing Content Creator Conference called Achieve in Waco, Texas. I don’t know about you, but spending three days surrounded by “your people” feels life-changing for me. I met some wonderful new people, laughed, learned sooo much, and visited Magnolia and Waco for the first time!!!

Achieve Conference

The conference I attended was for content creators and small business owners. It was three days filled with education and Inspiration. Everyone was welcoming, the classes were helpful, and during the panel discussions, the speakers took extra time to really go deep into their topics and answer everyone’s questions. I can’t wait to apply what I learned to the blog and my short-term rental business.

Oh, and I got to meet and spend time with some of my favorite bloggers!

During some of our spare time, we explored Magnolia and Waco. Pictured above: Anne and AnnMarie from Simply2moms, Rachel from the ThePondsfarmhouse, Stacy from BricksandBlooms and Jody from Lyndaledrive. I cannot believe I haven’t gone before!!

Magnolia Market

Magnolia honestly floored me. I am a huge fan (hard not to be when design is such a big part of my life), but it wasn’t the design that was so impressive (although it was). I couldn’t stop admiring how they paid attention to every detail. From the excellent service at the restaurants and shops to the hardware in the bathroom, no detail was too small to be a moment.

The Magnolia store displays were decked out for Fall and filled with Inspiration for your home.

I went prepared with extra space in my suitcase (thank you, American Airlines, for ignoring the weight of my suitcase on the trip home). If you go, I highly advise packing lightly and leaving room for purchases. The cabinet color in the kitchen display was so beautiful! I came home with several candles, faux stems (all so realistic), and a blue squirrel! You can see some of what I brought home below.

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The grounds of the Silos are also gorgeous.

Grounds of Magnolia and Waco
Magnolia and Waco
Woman walking in front of Magnolia Silos Sign

Coffee was a necessity and a treat in such a beautiful place.

Magnolia Press exterior shot

I admit to picking up a few treats from the bakery.

Silos Baking Company

Magnolia Table

No trip to Waco would be complete without a stop at Magnolia Table for Brunch. I went with some of my new friends, which was a delight! The building is beautiful inside and out.

Exterior shot of Magnolia Table Waco Texas
Visiting Magnolia Table in Waco Texas

Going with a group was the way to go, as we were able to share so we could try a variety of items. I have to say Joanna’s biscuits and the butter flight were unbelievable!

Women seated at Magnolia in Waco
Magnolia Table Tile


Waco, Texas, has plenty of other things to see and do, but my time was limited, so I stuck to visiting the immediate downtown area. I found plenty of adorable shops to pop into. The Findery was one of my favorites! Luckily for me, they have a website.

Interior Design store in Waco, Texas featuring decor items. Mirror and Fall decor.

This store is a designer’s dream. If only I had a way to get this coffee table home…

Thanks for letting me share! If you’ve been to Magnolia and Waco, let me know what I should see for the next trip because I cannot wait to return!

Magnolia and Waco outside the City with a soul sign with Friends.

Until next time,


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