Basement Reno One Room Challenge Fall 2020 Week two

This week I am sharing the timeline for renovations as well as shopping! Yay! I am still in the midst of some pretty strict social distancing here (because of my two brand new grand loves) so I will be doing everything ONLINE! I would probably be slightly more panicked if we had not done basically the same thing for the Airbnb reno for the Spring ORC which you can see here.

So let’s talk about some of the deets. In August we made our lake house our permanent home, so we have plenty of furniture I want to try to work with. The main basement space is a good size roughly 600 square feet and I am planning three zones. 1. Pool Table 2. T.V/ hanging out area 3. Table and chairs for board games/snacking (we are huge fans of both). I plan to add lots of soft rugs, pillows, and throws for warmth and coziness.

Let’s start with rugs. I am looking at rugs from Well Woven. I own several of their rugs and love the quality and more importantly in this case their online pics are true to color! Very important when you are buying rugs online. I am thinking of two. One for under a table and another in front of the sofa. Here is a round-up of what I am thinking.

Well Woven Rugs

Well Woven Rugs

  1. Cantico Moroccan Lattice 7. Patli Moroccan Trellis

  2. Collette Ivory Tribal Nomadic 8. Radley Natural Tribal Moroccan

  3. Lyle Natural Tribal Moroccan 9. Deja Ivory Tribal Nomadic

  4. Celosia Moroccan Trellis 10. Cole Ivory Modern

  5. Demi Ivory Tribal Nomadic 11. Silvie Ivory Tribal

  6. Besa Moroccan Tribal 12. Darcie Ivory Nomadic

Next up…..

Pillow round-up. I have to say… I do love pillows on a sofa. I am looking for large cozy pillows in warm colors with lots of textures. There is something about the striped pillow below with the leather that is calling my name, problem is I have a leather sofa. On one of the chairs maybe? These pillows are available at Pillows

To fight off any chill (although we are insulating the walls in the basement) I will make sure we have easy access to lots of throws. My grown daughters still love to wrap up in a cozy throw so whatever I chose will have to not only look great but feel soft to the touch. Looking again for warm colors and lots of texture! I do admit I have ALWAYS loved this Good At Naps throw, maybe it’s a good time to finally buy it. These are available at

I love the spice color throw shown here.

I love the spice color throw shown here.

This space is definitely going to be filled with earthy colors. It feels right for the cozy space I am envisioning. I always tell people go with with you love and you’ll never go wrong! Well I am about to test that theory. 🙂

A reminder of the wallpaper and paint selections.

Graphic Wallpaper with SW Alabaster and SWUrbane Bronze

Graphic Wallpaper with SW Alabaster and SWUrbane Bronze

I will be placing orders this week so stay tuned to see what I end up choosing.

Still to do:

Drywall – working on that now

Prime and Paint Ceiling– We are spraying it as soon as the drywall is completed

Prime and Paint Walls- Finish once ceilings are done

Wallpaper Accent wall- DIY for me (I have installed wallpaper before so fingers crossed).

Wood Accent wall- I am looking at this list and getting worried now.

Flooring- We are going with a vinyl peel and stick

Moulding- Still figuring this out.

Lighting- Hubby will be installing lighting once it arrives.

Stage and Photograph

Don’t forget to hop over and check out what the other One Room Challenge participants are up to this week there is so much amazing inspiration! Featured designers here and Guest participants here.

One Room Challenge

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