One Room Challenge Week Three- Choosing an accent wall (or two)

Here we are at week three of the Fall 2020 One Room Challenge! This is my 5th ORC, so you’d think I would be calm and collected, but nope, I am in full-on panic mode over here. And what do I decide to do when panicking?? I decide I might like to add a few things to our work list—specifically an additional accent wall. Now I am a HUGE fan of accent walls. I love accent walls of any sort—wallpaper, graphic paint, murals, wood, pallets, etc. I am there for it all! I have already ordered a wallpaper mural for this basement reno for the bar area that I LOVE and am very excited to install this week. However, I keep thinking the space is so big I need something along the back wall to draw the eye to that far side of the space. Hmmm, but what do I want?? I went to my archive of photos to find some inspiration. I love this wall that my oldest daughter and son-in-law installed in their home this Spring.

This paneled wall turned out beautifully! I love the color.

This paneled wall turned out beautifully! I love the color.

I’ve also thought about a graphic wall? I love all the shapes I see out there in the design world. Last year I worked with my youngest daughter and her husband on a work from home office space (see it here )for the ORC and LOVE the graphic wall we used here. Perfect for my son-in- who works as an Art Director in CGI.

Accent Wall in Home Office

Accent Wall in Home Office

I think I’ve decided it has to be textural in some way. And yet be simple enough to NOT compete with the mural I have already selected, which is very graphic. Probably not as much texture as this rope wall I did in the laundry/mudroom a few years ago (see full reveal here)- BTW, this was a beast to install but still one of my favorite details of the space!

Rope wall in Laundry/Mudroom

Rope wall in Laundry/Mudroom

I also thought about a slat wall- in fact, it’s in my original mood board for this space (here), but I have this slat wall added to a 90’s niche in my family room upstairs. I felt it would be too close to a repeat, so I decided against it in the basement.

slat wall in family room

So I am still mulling it over. Maybe just an accent color?? I am sure the time frame will play a part as we will be scrambling from here on out to make the deadline. Do you have a suggestion?? While looking up photos of my favorite walls, I couldn’t resist sharing this pallet wood wall I did several years ago. It was in the kitchen of our Grand Rapids house. I loved it then, and it still makes me smile (although we don’t live there anymore).

Pallet wall in Kitchen

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  1. So many great ideas my head is spinning with ideas for my new accent wall. I think the rope is my favourite because it is so unique, I have not seen one like this before. So this could be my new one lol

    • Libbie Burling says:

      Thank you, Anita! I swear I have too many and I am done but I ended up with TWO in the new basement reno. Someone has got to step in over here. 😉

  2. Kim says:

    ha I need that sign about the wine! Great pics. The first one had me at hello!

  3. Michelle says:

    Oh my goodness, Libbie, these are all so inspiring and I love, love, love your pallet wood wall. I would have taken that whole thing with me if we had to move. It’s beautiful <3

  4. Libbey these are beautiful walls. I’m trying to get the nerve to do an accent wall in my bedroom. I love the pallet wall.

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