Cozy Fall Bedroom

Happy Fall, Everyone!

As you may know, we live on a Lake, so summers are incredible here- but I must confess, Fall is my most favorite of all.

And with the cooler temps here in Michigan, my bedroom is one of the first spaces I cozy up for the Fall season.

Because well…Brrr.

It’s been in the low 50s all week at night.

So, it’s time for some cozy!

Let’s get started.

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Layering in Warmer Colors

For me, the first step to adding Fall is adding in and layering warmer colors.

I love spice, mustard, and various tones of creams and beige this season.

Pillows and throws play a starring role in adding color- or, in my case, going more neutral.

A bonus is that pillows can be an inexpensive way to change a look for the season!

Most of the pillows I am using are from Target this year, making my neutral-loving heart so happy!

Floral, Striped, Lumbar, and the softest fluffy pillow! The Euro pillows are from Amazon.

The brown throw adds the perfect touch of Fall

Textured throw

We use this bench for putting on shoes and as a gathering place for unfolded laundry, so I toss a throw over it (the bench is a light blue), and now it works for Fall.

Bed showing Cozy warm bedding and textiles for Fall.

Organic Materials add warmth.

After I add textiles, the next step is dragging in all the extra plants that have been sunning themselves outside on the patio.

Choosing different varieties of plants can add visual interest- not just for Fall but year-round.

Organic planters- here, I am using wicker baskets, wood planters, and wood risers to add even more texture to the Fall bedroom.

Corner filled with plants in various containers showing lots of textures .
Plant Corner in a Fall Bedroom
Polka dot planter
Cozy Fall Bedroom with Wood wall and bed made with neutral Fall colors and cozy textiles.
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Switch out your Art

Changing out your Art can change the feel of your space.

Art doesn’t need to scream Fall; I look for warmer colors to change the mood.

Changing out Art can change the feel of a room.

Cozy scents of Fall

Candles are my favorite Fall item.

Who am I kidding?!?!?

I love candles all. Year. Round.

My sense of smell is a superpower of mine.

So when the weather turns cooler, I switch the scents to warmer, cozier notes like vanilla and cinnamon.

These taper candles are so cute! These are my current favorite scented candles.

Fresh Flowers

Flowers are special any time, but switching out the varieties and colors can really add a Fall vibe.

I look for heavier, more substantial blooms in the Fall.

Protea, Sunflowers, and Hydrangeas are some of my favorites.

Look for a mixture of darker colors and greens.

Protea in Vase
Close-up of Protea flowers
Fall Flowers
Hydrangeas for Fall
Cozy Fall layers

How do you cozy up your bedroom for Fall? I’d love to hear!

More Fall Inspiration:

Bloggers’ Best Fall Home Tours

I have a special treat for you today! Welcome to the Bloggers Best Fall blog tour. Thirty of my friends have gathered to share our homes decorated for Fall all week!

If you are visiting from Cindy’s @Cloches and Lavender, A warm hello! I’d also like to send a big thank you to my friend Kelly @The Tattered Pew for putting this tour together.

And now you won’t want to miss all the beautiful inspiration my friends have in store. Be sure to check out my friend Crissy from First Day of Home tomorrow when she kicks off our Thursday tour. You are going to love her beautiful home! Also, check out her tutorial on drying oranges. I am finally going to make oranges this year that are not burnt!

Pin it for later!

Until Next time,


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  3. Aliya says:

    Libbie!! I love your bedroom all ready for Fall!! Before I was pregnant my scene of smell was just regular, but after getting pregnant I can smell things a mile away!!! Haha ps i love your sign that says “love you madly” 😍 so fun to hop with you this week!!!

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  5. Cecilia says:

    Libbie, you have nailed cozy in your bedroom! I love the soothing colors and textures. Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

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  7. Libbie,
    Your bedroom decorations for fall look amazing.
    Everything is so nice and inviting. Wonderfull!!

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  10. Alyssa says:

    So warm and cozy!!! Love all the plants. Come do my bedroom!!

  11. Kim says:

    What a beautiful room. I kept thinking oh, that’s my favorite (the wall), no that (the bedding), or that (the pillow)…then the chair. Haha! I guess it’s all just perfect!

  12. I think you have the perfect cozy bedroom Libbie. The textured throw and the lights on each side of your bed are two of my favorite featues! Of course your plants are always so amazing healthy. They must really love you!

  13. Cindy says:

    Your bedroom is nice and cozy. I love the throw, gorgeous color.

    The chair in your bedroom is pretty too! Pinned!

  14. Kim Waldorf says:

    Your bedroom looks so warm and cozy! I love the fall flowers and your chair is so pretty. Happy touring!

  15. Stacey says:

    Everything looks so pretty and autumnal! I love the blanket with the fun knots/ties on it in the bedroom. It adds great texture!

  16. Marie says:

    This space looks so cozy. I’m with you on the year-round candle burning. You always have the best floral arrangements!

  17. What a lovely and cozy bedroom you have to enjoy for fall!

  18. Jen says:

    Everything is so pretty, Libbie. The perfect cozy bedroom for the fall!

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  20. I love your Fall bedroom colors! The creams and browns are beautiful. I really love your signs!! So inspiring!

  21. Libbie you have created the perfect cozy fall retreat! I love how calming the colors are . I saw that pillow at Target and loved it too! Thank you for joining me this week. Pinned

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  25. So fun touring together this week. Love all the fall details in your bedroom. Your wood walls are amazing. Pinned!

  26. Juliet says:

    Cozy indeed! I adore your painted cabinet. This bedroom is an autumn dream. xo

  27. stacy says:

    Libbie your bedroom is so cozy! I love your painted cabinet too! xo

  28. Hi Libbie!

    It was so fun to see your home with all of your cozy details. I love the organic elements and that wood wall is so nice. I pinned it to my fall board to share 🙂


  29. Just so cozy!! I love all the warm colors in your home.

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  32. Ana Ochoa says:

    Libbie, your Fall bedroom is so cozy! Loving the texture and neutral tones!

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  34. You have created the absolutely perfect fall retreat, Libbie! I’m loving the soothing autumn colors, the plants, and your beautiful pillows. What a dream come true!

  35. Love the colors you are using this fall Libbie. And oh my golly, that chair is gorgeous! I want it! All great tips. Must be fun to live on a lake in Michigan. I was there once and it was amazing. Happy Fall. Loved hopping with you this week!

  36. This is the perfect Fall bedroom, Libbie! I love the soft, soothing color palette. I wouldn’t want to get out of that bed! It looks so comfy and cozy!

  37. Such a pretty Fall Bedroom! I love the color scheme! and the wood wall!

  38. Lynne says:

    What a cozy and comfortable fall bedroom! The warm colors, textures, and layers are just perfect for the season. Happy Fall, my friend!

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