No-wire Wall sconce

DIY no-wire wall sconces

I have a quick hack to share with you today. We realized we had a major oversight in the Principal bedroom of our Ellery and Third Street short-term rental renovation. Here is how we addressed it with an easy DIY no-wire wall sconces. Problem solved at least for now. 🙂

No Wire Wall Sconces

No wall outlets!

We got all the way to the staging phase of the project before we realized there was not a single outlet on the wall where the bed was going to be. ARRRRGH. Seriously, all our work and the contractor we hired didn’t put wall outlets in the new wall! To be honest, we missed it too. To add another dilemma, the wall next to it is an exterior wall and is concrete. What to do?? DIY no wire wall sconces to the rescue!

No electrical outlets, no problem!

As the time to list the house for rent drew near, we couldn’t find an electrician that wasn’t booked out solid for at least three months. So I turned to the internet for some help. Puck lights for the wall sconces were just the temporary fix we needed to get through this first season.

What to do when you don’t have an electrical source for lighting?

Thankfully this was such an easy DIY fix!

What we used:

This was super easy. I had already bought the wall sconces from Amazon (here), and they were fairly inexpensive, so cutting the cords off was not going to break my heart.


  • Cut the cords off your sconces and attach them to the wall. We used wall anchors as we would have with any wall sconce.
Lighted no-wire wall sconce.

Glue the adapter to the puck light.

CPCV 3/4 Fitting

I first added the batteries to check that the puck light was working.

Then I glued the adapter to the top of the puck light. If your puck lights have access to the battery on the bottom- ours was on the light side, be careful not to seal the puck permanently closed.

Gluing adapter to puck light.

How easy is that?

Screw the adapter into the wall sconce.

inserting puck into sconce.
Puck light in DIY no-wire wall sconce

Many DIY no-wire wall sconce tutorials I found have you glue the puck directly into the light fixture. We tried that first. But, to be honest, it’s hard to get a great connection, and these wall sconces were not just pretty but needed to be FUNCTIONAL for our guests.

I double-checked that the remotes worked.

Using remote to light a DIY no-wire wall sconce.

That is it!

Wall sconce in principal bedroom with textured bedding.
Principal bedroom with wall decals and no-wire wall sconces.

I solved the problem of not having electrical outlets, and they look great. We have found we need to change the batteries every month or so, and the guests have commented they love that they are dimmable.

Until next time.


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