How to make a DIY side table from wire baskets.

Easy DIY Basket Side Table


Today, I am sharing the cutest little accent table I made from some wire baskets I scored at my neighborhood thrift shop last week. This easy DIY basket side table is the perfect weekend project and a great way to personalize your space with minimal effort. Let’s get this DIY started! 

Photo Credit: A Life Unfolding

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As I mentioned above, I found the two wire baskets I am using today (they look like a wire trash basket of some sort?) at my local Restore. They were brand new with Target tags on them, and I loved the pretty brass color, so I snapped them up for the bargain price of 3.50 each! I knew they would make a cute little side table! You could use any woven (wicker baskets) or thicker metal baskets if you have them on hand or are lucky enough to thrift some. This would also work with one larger basket (make your wood top fit the diameter of the top).

What You Will Need:

  • Wire baskets (sturdy enough to hold some weight).
  • Plywood (cut to a size slightly larger than the basket opening)
  • Feather finish concrete skim coat (I used white)
  • Sandpaper (various grits)
  • Paint or stain (optional)
  • Drill (with appropriate drill bit for wood circle)
  • Trowel
  • Paintbrush or roller (for applying concrete)
  • Sealant for concrete top)
Photo Credit: A Life Unfolding

Getting Started:

  • Prepare the Basket: If your basket has handles, remove them carefully using wire cutters or an angle grinder (be sure to wear safety glasses!). Depending on your preference, you can also leave the handles on for a more rustic look.
  • Prep the Plywood Top: Sand the plywood to ensure a smooth surface for the concrete.
  • Glue Baskets Together: I am using Loctite construction adhesive, but you could also hot glue them together. I am using a lot of adhesives to make sure they hold.

TIP: You can also use floral wire (wrapped between the two baskets) to help support the glue.

Gold Wire baskets.
Photo Credit: A Life Unfolding
  • Mix the Concrete: Following the manufacturer’s instructions, mix the Ardex Feather Finish concrete skim coat until it reaches the desired consistency. Aim for a thick, spreadable mixture.
Photo Credit: A Life Unfolding
Photo Credit: A Life Unfolding

DIY Basket Side Table:

Once the consistency of the Feather Finish is ready, use the trowel to spread it onto your plywood circle.

DIY Accent table from wire baskets and concrete top.
Photo Credit: A Life Unfolding
  • Applying the Concrete: Carefully spread the concrete mixture onto the plywood top. Aim for a thin, uniform layer covering the entire surface. Once you have a thin layer, let it dry to the touch (an hour or so) and lightly sand it by hand.
  • Let it Dry: Allow the concrete to dry completely, following the recommended drying time on the product packaging. Then, I added a second coat and repeated the light sanding. Continue building up the concrete onto the plywood. Kind of like frosting a cake. I did three layers and then let dry overnight.
Easy DIY side table
Photo Credit: A Life Unfolding

Sealing the Concrete Table Top:

Sealing will help keep your new side table water and stain-resistant.

  • Once completely dry, I used a hand sander to smooth it down. I am leaving my tabletop a bit rustic for the texture, but you can smooth it out as much as you’d like.
  • Seal: Apply the sealant to protect the concrete from moisture and stains. I used a roller and painted thin coats. Let it dry and repeat. I used three coats.
Wire Basket Side Table
Photo Credit: A Life Unfolding
  • Attach the Top (Optional): While the basket can simply rest on the concrete top, I glued mine with more Loctite adhesive.
Easy DIY Project. Side tables made from wire baskets.
Photo Credit: A Life Unfolding

Your Easy DIY Basket Side Table is Complete! It’s a perfect spot for resting drinks or even providing hidden storage within the basket itself (if you left your top unglued). This easy DIY project is a budget-friendly way to add a touch of functionality to your home. And it’s perfect next to my favorite reading chair!

What do you think? Do you have your own DIY side table idea? I think this would also look great with a larger basket as a small coffee table. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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