Fresh flowers and Easter Eggs Arrangement

Are you looking for a quick and easy idea for your Easter table?

Then I have something perfect to share with you today!

See how I combined fresh flowers and Easter eggs arrangement, perfect for your Spring table scape.

I adore fresh flowers and have them in my home all year round (thank you Trader Joe’s) and this time of year I love to add branches, moss, eggs, and anything else that feels like Easter/Spring.

It’s such an simple way to add a breath of Spring to your decor and here in MI we need all Spring we can get. ;-

Easter Eggs with Tulips, Lilyanthus and Dianthus with Pussywillows.

Gather your supplies

  • Eggs- I used brown and white
  • Large Vase
  • Smaller vase to fit inside
  • Tape
  • Floral sheers
  • Fresh Flowers
Brown and White Eggs


Boil your eggs- I left mine natural as I like the look of them.

Dyed eggs would be adorable also!

supplies for Easter flower arrangement

Take the smaller vase that your flowers will go into and make a grid with scotch tape.

This is very helpful for holding your flowers in place when arranging.

Fill with water.

Place the smaller vase into the larger vase.

Putting eggs into vase

Gently lay your eggs into the larger vase one at a time.

Fill to the top.

I used 15 eggs here.

Preparing to assemble Sprint table arrangement with fresh flowers and Easter eggs.
Assembling Spring arrangement with Easter eggs.
Easy Spring Floral Arrangement

Start Arranging your flowers

I like to start with the tallest blooms and fill in as I go.

My BEST tip for any flower arrangement is a sharp pair of floral sheers I like these!

Floral Sheers

A side note: I worked at a floral shop years ago and these tips are some of my favorite ways to help your flowers last as long as possible.

Okay, so continue filling in with your flowers.

Add greenery to balance everything out.

Close up of Easter Arrangement

Fresh Flowers and Easter Eggs Floral Arrangement


How easy is this?

It lasts for three days or so (I don’t like to let those eggs linger!).

The flowers will outlast the eggs so either freshen the eggs or pull them out and let the flowers shine on their own for a few more days.

Eggcellent! Want to see more??

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Until next time,


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  5. Great idea! What a pretty centerpiece, the colors are so beautiful!

  6. So creative, perfect for an easter display!

  7. I bought the purple ranunculus at my Trader Joe’s too…but they didn’t have those cool green fuzzy ones! This looks beautiful.

  8. Marie says:

    So easy but so impactful! Love the look of the natural eggs.

  9. This is such a pretty flower display for Easter! I love that you left the eggs natural too. I think it’s a shame to only be able to display it for three days though, I would use blown-out eggs so I could use it for longer. Thanks for the flower tips too by the way!

  10. Libbie, what a pretty arrangement for spring. I would never have thought of using real eggs, but what a great idea. Love the mix of brown and white eggs. Your flowers are a beautiful mix of spring colors.

  11. Janet says:

    This arrangement turned out so beautiful. I would have never thought of using eggs around the vase as filler. It gives the arrangement a little extra kick.

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  13. What a beautiful arrangement. Why would I have never thought of hard boiling but not dyeing the eggs. Duh. Thanks for sharing. The flowers you chose look lovely.

  14. Rebecca says:

    What a lovely floral arrangement, Libbie! The eggs make it so special and unique. I love the “vase within a vase” technique. Pinned 🙂

  15. Libby,
    I just love this idea. It’s so unique and creative. I’d love to share a link on my Sunday, Dirt Road Adventures. Would that be ok?

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  17. Elizabeth says:

    This looks beautiful! I am going to try this but I think I will use faux eggs.

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