My youngest daughter is getting married in September!!!  

Can you tell I am excited?  

So many wedding-related events are coming up that I have started calling this the summer of Love.

I couldn’t wait to start party planning with her and her sister who will serve as her maid of honor.

Today, on the blog, I am sharing all the pretty details.

Welcome to our Garden Party Bridal Shower.

Garden Party Bridal Shower

My oldest daughter officially hosted the Bridal Shower but left the decor and actual planning to me- because, well…it’s kind of my love language.

Downtown Market Greenhouse showing hanging plants.
Downtown Market Greenhouse, Grand Rapids, MI

Once my daughter chose a date for the shower, we started the planning process. Pinterest was filled with bridal shower ideas (you can follow my boards here), and to be honest, we scoured it for days!

We knew finding the perfect venue was the first item on our list. Initially, we were thinking about an outdoor space, but once we thought about it, we didn’t want to worry about a plan B in case of rain. A friend mentioned attending a garden tea party at a local greenhouse, which gave me the idea to start searching for greenhouses to host the party. Because an indoor garden party sounds fun, too, right?!

We ended up choosing The Downtown Market Greenhouse in Grand Rapids, MI, as the venue (it is breathtaking) and was the perfect place for a garden theme.

The Venue Details:

This is a gorgeous space, and we were thrilled it was available to rent for small gatherings. They also rent this space for weddings, which I think would be magical!

It is a light-filled space with plants everywhere you look!

The crew at the Downtown Market made it so easy for us by having options to rent items like tables, chairs, and linens directly from them, saving us from having to find a rental company.

Garden Party Bridal Shower details:


The invitations we chose are from Minted (here) and helped us set the party’s tone. I love that they offer guest addressing & custom envelopes. The Minted address book app allows you to upload your addresses directly to them, and they handle the rest.

We chose this bright Pink, Orange, and Green print, which became our primary color theme. It felt like a custom design.

Image of a Garden Party Bridal shower invitation by Minted.
Pretty floral invitation

Bridal Shower Decor:

The Tables:

I knew the greenhouse would need big, bright pops of color to break up all the beautiful greenery.  

For the tables, I started by layering with brightly colored table runners, bright green napkins over the rented white tablecloths, and buckets and buckets of gorgeous fresh flowers (peonies, gerbera daisies, and roses, oh my!).  

Tablescape with bright pink runners
Pink table runners

We added small bud vases (here) filled with pink and orange roses pulled double duty as bridal shower favors and placeholders. The placeholders were found locally and hand-lettered by a friend.

I designed the larger flower arrangements using containers I had from home.

Garden Party Bridal Shower table setting with fresh flowers and brightly colored tablescape.
Fresh flowers were a must-have on my daughter’s wish list.
Table setting featuring bright colored linens and flowers in a local greenhouse
Garden Party in a Greenhouse

Personalizing a Bridal Shower:

Flower Crown for a Garden Party:

When we began planning a garden party theme, I knew I wanted to make a floral crown for my daughter. She has such a bohemian soul.

Garden Party Flowers and Flower Crown
Flower Crown

I also wanted to avoid a “BOHO RUSTIC” look, so I went for larger, brighter flowers.

It took a couple of stops at local floral haunts to pick out the PERFECT flowers, but in the end, it was so much fun to make, and it looked beautiful on her! I love those vibrant colors.

In addition to all the flowers, we added bright orange and pink balloons as an inexpensive way to help carry the color theme throughout the space. We bought a small electric balloon pump to blow up all those balloons. 😉

Bride to be wearing a floral crown holding brightly colored balloons in a greenhouse
Floral Crown + Balloons = Magic

More special touches:

I love a Bridal shower with special personalized touches highlighting the bride and groom and their unique personalities.

We had a welcome sign designed by a local graphic designer that details how the couple met and some of their favorite things to do and places to go. The sign greeted guests as they arrived. The couple liked it so much they will use it at the reception.

Decor for a Garden Party inspired bridal shower.
Personalized sign and gift table

On the gift table to the left, you may notice a puppet set that looks like the Bride and Groom. We have a tradition of gifting puppets of the couple at their bridal shower. It sounds a bit weird, but it works for us (and these turned out soooo cute!).

Bridal Shower Decor? Bride and Groom Puppets

Food and Beverages

Brunch with Mimosa Bar:

Because the bride’s favorite meal is always brunch, we chose a catered brunch buffet with a menu that included all her favorites: charcuterie boards, chicken and waffles with a bourbon sauce, fresh fruit, yogurt parfaits, bagels, salads, dessert table and of course, for fun, a Mimosa bar.

We decorated the food tables with large pink and orange confetti and handwritten notes with good wishes for a happy marriage.

Bridal Shower buffet
Garden Party Brunch Buffet

The Mimosa bar was lovely and allowed each guest to build their own. It also allowed us to save signature cocktails for the wedding reception.

Garden Themed Bridal Shower buffet and Mimosa Bar
Brunch buffet and Mimosa Bar

Bridal Shower Activities and Games:

Photo Props:

Since it is a well-known fact that my daughter is a huge fan of the selfie and her sister knows her well, we made sure there were photo props available and each guest had an opportunity to have their photos taken with the Bride-to-be.

Photo props for a Garden Party bridal shower.
Photo Props were another opportunity to keep on with the Garden Party Theme.

Bridal Shower Video

Bridal shower showing a video of the brides childhood.

My oldest daughter made an extraordinary video for my daughter; it included her favorite music (Taylor Swift) and photographs of her with each guest in attendance at the shower. It was beautiful, and honestly, there was not a dry eye in the house. If asked, I would have to say it was my favorite part of the shower.

Alex also personalized a playlist to loop while the guests settled, grabbed a beverage, and found their seats. This turned out to be a great ice-breaker. You could see lots of smiles when the theme song from the movie Free Willie played. My daughter was obsessed with the movie as a little girl.

My daughter can be shy, so we had her Fiancé join her for games and the present opening. I highly recommend it! It turned out to be a huge bonus for those friends and family who had not met him before. And he enjoyed himself immensely.


Bridal Shower Games:

We are not usually a “shower game” family. We decided to play a version of the Newlywed game, which was a lot of fun.

Bridal shower games.

Party Favors:

After a few games (making sure the prizes fit the theme), we then sent our guests on their way with favors as a remembrance of the day.  

We continued the garden party theme with mini cupcakes decorated with flowers and boxed in brightly colored boxes, floral-scented candles, and wildflower seed packets.

Party favors (cupcakes) at a bridal shower.
Sweet Treat: Colorful cupcakes as favors

We provided boxes for treats as well as bags to carry home favors.

Brightly colored to go boxes for cupcakes.

Everyone had a wonderful time, and my daughter felt very special. We cannot wait to celebrate with them on their big day.

Now, on to planning the wedding decor!

Thanks for popping in today, and stay tuned for that floral crown tutorial!

If you are looking for more ideas on planning a bridal shower or additional bridal shower themes, take a peek at this post, which has some helpful suggestions.

Until next time,


Photo Cred goes to the ahhhmazing Holly @grauperphoto in Grand Rapids. 


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Pin Image with bride wearing a floral crown.
Pin for later


Until next time,


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  1. What a fantastic venue for a bridal shower, have you an equally amazing one for the wedding, I wonder? I wish your daughter a great day and all the best for her future happiness once she is married #happynow@_karendennis

    • Libbie Burling says:


      I’m sorry I missed this lovely comment earlier! Thank you for the kind words. We are getting close now and are sooo excited!

  2. Jen says:

    This is a seriously gorgeous bridal shower! Such a perfect venue. Those flowers and the invites and that adorable custom art on the easel…love it! Happy wishes to the bride and groom!

  3. Nancy says:

    That was a gorgeous bridal shower!

    The details were incredible!

    And the venue was superb!


    • Libbie Burling says:

      Thank you for stopping by Nancy!
      We are currently working on our second daughters’ wedding and it’s at our home! Stay tuned. I’m excited to share the details.

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