Moss wrapped glass vase with Pink tulips

Green it Up! Easy Ways to Add Moss to Home Decor.

Are you looking to add a touch of green to your home? Incorporating moss in decor is an easy way to bring natural elements into your home. Moss is incredibly versatile and blends beautifully with all interior design styles. Plus, the best part is that preserved moss requires low maintenance, making it an excellent choice for those who lack a green thumb. Let’s look at some easy ways to add moss to your home decor!

DIY Moss Wall Art

Creating a focal point with a DIY moss wall art project is easy. Preserved moss is ideal as it adds a touch of the outdoors without the upkeep of natural plants. Feel free to experiment with different moss colors and textures to design a piece that reflects your unique style. Moss wall decor is perfect for the dark spaces in your home where real plants might not thrive.

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Wrapped plant pot with spring blossoms.

Wrap Your Plant Pots in Moss

Wrap your potted plants in moss (it works on glass vases, too) to elevate their natural charm. This simple addition lends a natural look and helps retain moisture in the soil. Peel-and-stick sheet moss is perfect for this. I love how the natural moss looks with the wood decor pieces and candles below.

Plants in a fireplace with pots wrapped with moss.

How sweet (and simple) is this Moss Decor? A Dollar Store vase wrapped in artisan moss is an inexpensive way to add moss to your home decor.

Pink tulips in a glass vase wrapped with moss.

Game Pieces

Replace traditional game pieces with small, moss-covered pots (a mix of reindeer moss) for a natural twist on classic board games like this DIY checker’s game or tic-tac-toe. It’s a simple DIY, and these little green works of art will surely be a conversation starter on game night!

Games Pices made from Pots filled with succulents and moss.

Moss and Succulent Wreath

Combine the beauty of succulents with the texture of preserved moss to create this stunning square wreath for your front door or interior wall. Succulents are naturally low-maintenance, and if kept out of direct sunlight, the preserved moss will remain vibrant for a long time.

Square Wreath with Succulents and Moss

Moss as a Table Runner

Ditch the traditional fabric table runner and use a moss table runner instead. This creates a unique and eye-catching centerpiece for your dining table. Add candles or a vase of flowers for a natural vibe that will be sure to impress.

Dining Room Table with a moss table runner.

Create A Natural Centerpiece

Elevate your dining room with a simple wooden dough bowl or a small terrarium with preserved moss. Add candles or dried flowers to create a simple centerpiece. Its vibrant green hues will add color to any dining, coffee, or side table.

Centerpiece made with moss in a dough  bowl with candles.

Cover Up that Soil!

This is my favorite inexpensive way to elevate plants. Adding just a bit of moss will give your potted plants a polished look. A top layer of preserved moss over the soil adds visual appeal and helps retain moisture, leading to healthier and happier plants.

This basket with Spring Bulbs and moss would brighten up any indoor spaces!

Woven basket overflowing with blooming bulbs and lush moss. #springdecor #bulbs #natureinspired

Terrariums and Moss-the perfect combo

Terrariums provide the ideal environment for showcasing the beauty of preserved moss. And they are easy to DIY! The humid environment helps the moss thrive, while the enclosed space creates a miniature world of greenery.

Terrariums filled with mini orchids and moss.

Whether you like a big statement piece like moss wall art or subtle touches of greenery, preserved moss offers endless possibilities. With its low-maintenance charm and stunning natural beauty, moss will elevate your home decor. So, get creative and green it up!

Will you add some moss to your home decor this Spring? If so, send pics! I’d love to see what you do.

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