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I live on a lake and these are the three things I swear by to get rid of mosquitos

Lake living is a beautiful thing. This is the place our family likes to gather. I love that things move slower here, and ending the day with a pontoon ride truly can’t be beaten. But you know what can put a damper on all the lake fun?? MOSQUITOS! And where there is water, there are pesky mosquitos. LOTS of mosquitos.

View of the water

View of the water

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After living on the lake for five years and lots of trial and error I have come up with a three-point plan to keep our summer as free from the pesky mosquitos as possible.

My first step towards mosquito control is to start early. We begin by spreading Dr. T’s Mosquito repellant onto our grass before the season kicks in. We apply this every two weeks during the summer using a fertilizer spreader to apply.

It has all-natural ingredients so it doesn’t hurt the lawn and is safe for your pets which is important to me (and our pup Lily).

Step two provides extra protection in the patio/porch area. While the actual porch is screened in we have so much traffic going in and out we inevitably get mosquitos inside.

Screened Porch

Screened Porch

For this area, we use a Thermacell Lookout Camp Lantern. We love this because we can use it on the patio, on the porch, and often take it out on the pontoon so that if we stop, we are not bombarded by mosquitos while enjoying the ride. This is also very transportable for camping. Win-Win!

Thermacell Lantern Mosquito Repellent

My final layer for protection is these amazing smelling candles by Murphy’s Naturals. They burn evenly and last about 30 hours per candle. I am not a fan of citronella scented candles, so I ordered a few when I saw these last year. I LOVE them. I am looking forward to trying their incense sticks this season. I looked everywhere last year, and they were hard to find. They are on order now, so I’ll let you know what I think once they arrive.

Murphy’s Mosquito Repellent Products

Murphy’s Mosquito Repellent Products

Through trial and error, these have become my go-to products for keeping those pesky mosquitos away. It worked well enough to have no complaints about the mosquito’s when we hosted my daughter’s wedding here at the lake house two summers ago.

Mosquito Free Outdoor Wedding

Mosquito Free Outdoor Wedding

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