Updating our small outdoor space- One Room challenge week two

I am doing a quick check-in this week because we have been swamped! Mostly the fixes we need to do before we can get to all the pretty stuff. If you’d like to see what we are planning, here is week one and the mood board.

Power washing in 45 degrees was chilly!

Power washing in 45 degrees was chilly!

We actually got quite a bit done this week. Despite a very chilly cold, we are working outside despite a very chilly cold that has brought us highs in the mid ’40s……brrrr. We have to keep going, though, as we are working around our Airbnb guest bookings. We finished took down the weird bricks that were on the shed, power washed the deck and house, adding the missing trim, and a few other minor repairs.

Adding cedar shake to the shed

We decided on cedar shake for the bottom part of the “shed” area. It looks so much better than the weird rock that was there. It will also tie in nicely with the ceiling of the porch once we get there.

Cedar shake

Cedar Shake Siding completed.

Cedar Shake Siding completed.

Next week we will paint the door and start working on the porch area. Fingers crossed it gets warmer! In the meantime, I can’t wait to see what everyone else is doing this round of the One Room Challenge. You can check out the Designers here and my fellow guest participants here. A big thank you to the One Room Challenge team and their media partner Better Homes and Gardens! I don’t think we’d ever finish a space without the support from this community!

See ya next week!


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