Midway through a bathroom remodel

I am popping in to share our progress on the latest bathroom remodel we are working on for this season’s One Room Challenge. It is week six, so we have two weeks to go!

The biggest news…..we got the shower tile done! I could write a book on all the problems we’ve had getting this tile in. The supply chain issues right now are no joke.

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Almost finished tile shower.

Remodel woes

The tile is from Wayfair, of all places. Who knew you could order tile from Wayfair!? When we started this renovation project, I had my heart set on a medium green tile. After a lengthy search (and some shipping shortages and a broken tile fiasco), we finally landed on this tile which was the perfect color and size. I love the stacked pattern.

It took us almost two weeks to fix the drywall, and I will admit we will be hiring all drywall projects out going forward. It was SLOW and messy and not our best work. We already have plans to wallpaper the walls, but we did want them to be decent for when we sell the house.

It still needs some sanding.

The wallpaper arrived this week, so that’s my next project. The paper is from A Street Prints, and it’s so pretty!

I choose traditional wallpaper that you paste, so it should go up pretty quickly.

A Street Prints Wallpaper in a Rode Gold Triangle pattern.
A Street Prints Wallpaper-Wright Rode Gold Triangle

Remodel dilemma

As to the wallpaper installation, It’s a one-hundred-year-old house, and I have a few questions, what to do with a laundry chute?

Laundry chute in a remodel.
Do you paint a laundry chute? Wallpaper?

This week should bring lots of progress with the bathroom remodel. Everything has arrived except the window covering, which may come too late for the reveal. The vintage cabinet we will use as a vanity is prepped and will go in after the wallpaper.

Bathroom Moodboard

Mood board for a bathroom renovation project.

I think that is it for this week’s bathroom update.

Thanks for following along!

One Room Challenge Logo.

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