My favorite tips for preparing for overnight guests

Here are my seven favorite tips for making your guest comfortable!

Ever wonder how many friends and relatives you really have?!? Buy a home on a lake, and you will find out quickly. In the two years since we bought what will someday be our retirement home on a lake about an hour and a from where we now live, we have hosted twice as many guests as we ever have in our city house. And while we LOVE hosting our friends and family, we have had to learn a few tricks for keeping everyone comfortable.



Create a comfortable space

Create a comfortable space


Tip #1

Create a comfortable space. Nothing is comfier than crawling into a freshly made bed with soft sheets at the end of the day. Remember, you want your guests to feel pampered. My favorites are these beautiful sheets from Cariloha The company sent me a set to try, and they are seriously the best sheets I’ve ever owned. They are super soft and cool to the touch, which is a bonus at the lake. I am going to add them to every bed in the house.



Sheets by Cariloha

Tip #2

Pillows. Offer choices. Seriously, I can’t stress this enough. People are particular about their pillow habits. I like to provide a few down fluffy pillows and memory foam for each guest to choose their preferences.




Tip #3

Have cold drinks or perhaps a cocktail at the ready… depending on the guest and the time of day.



Love Block Wine

Tip #4

Provide a place to put their things. Whether it’s a place to leave an overnight bag or a dresser drawer, your guests need a place for their things.




Luggage rack

Luggage rack

Tip #5

Provide a nightstand by the bed to hold a reading light, a phone charger, and a speaker. It’s the little details your guests will appreciate. I also like to add fresh flowers and a softly scented candle to make the space even cozier.




Tip #6

They will be using the bathroom, leaving clean towels in an accessible location, and letting them know they are for their use. I like to leave a basket of toiletries (including new toothbrushes) if they have forgotten anything. Also, store extra toilet paper in a handy location so it is easy to spot.



Restoration Hardware Cabinet

Tip #7

Leave them some options of things to do. I like to leave a list of local highlights. This way, they are free to have some time alone to explore the area if they wish. Visiting and catching up is wonderful but some free time alone can be very relaxing too.



Michigan home



Hosting overnight guests

Hosting overnight guests

That’s it!

Cheers to having your home filled with friends and family.

Until next time,


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  1. Great tips, Libbie! I’m sure your guests are always having the time of their life when visiting because you pay so much attention to their needs and creating an ideal, cozy space for them. A comfortable bed and a relaxing atmosphere are essential to making space feel warm and inviting.

  2. Vickie says:

    Where is the cabinet from in #7?

  3. Love all your ideas and that bedroom looks lovely! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm. xo Kathleen

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