A quick and easy closet door update

How to transform a flat closet door

I love a quick DIY update, and these closet doors were the perfect candidate for one. Last Fall, I worked on the guest room update for the One Room Challenge; see it here. Towards the end of the six-week challenge, I was trying to choose between painting the doors blue or grey when I came across an IG image with a headboard trimmed out in molding, which I fell in love with and decided it was perfect for the doors! A little visual interest was exactly what the doors needed.





The other thing I was looking for was AFFORDABLE as I had budgeted carefully for the space, and the coffers were running low. The doors were in good shape, just a bit meh.





Materials Used:

-Wood molding (we used 2-inch strips from Home Depot)

-Miter saw

-Wood glue

-Pneumatic nailer



We found these inexpensive wood strips at Home Depot for around 1.00 per foot.




I had grandiose plans to lay out a very intricate design when my husband reminded me of my limited geometry skills. Point taken. Since I was short on both time and math skills, I decided on a simple design.


We started gluing the strips to the doors and added a few pneumatic nails to help hold them in place while the glue dried.



Closet door in process

Here I am hard at work supervising.



Hard at work on closet doors

Once the molding was up, I filled in along the edges with a spackle to ensure a clean line when painted. It drives me crazy to see those little lines where the paint separates from the wood piece in molding.



spackle wood trim

The final step was using a high-quality paint. I am a fan of Sherwin Williams Emerald Interior paint and primer in one. I used Gray Matter SW 7066. 3 coats.



SW 7066

Added some pretty new Brass hardware.



Updated Closet doors with hardware

I mentioned this was a quick and easy way to update closet doors! Don’t you agree?!?! The paint was leftover from another project, but even if I had included a quart of paint total cost would have been less than $50.00 and took a weekend. The details make all the difference!




Guest Room



Be Our Guest Sign

Be Our Guest Sign

Pin it for later!



Easy Closet Update



Closet Door Update Before and After

Closet Door Update Before and After

As always, I appreciate your taking the time to stop by!

Until next time,


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  1. Susan says:

    Wow! What a difference it makes! I’m going to find a closet door to transform!

    • Libbie Burling says:

      I’m still searching for another! Next time I’m going for a slightly more complicated pattern. If you find one to transform make sure to come back and show it off!

  2. I absolutely LOVE the closet doors! It’s such a huge transformation and they look custom. Fantastic job!

  3. Hilda Smith says:

    That is an amazing transformation. And really finishes that beautiful room. I also love the headboard. Have you a post on that?

    • Libbie Burling says:

      Thank you, Hilda! I did make a post on the headboard. It was also pretty easy. Search for the Woodblock Headboard under DIY. 🙂

  4. Silver says:

    The doors look amazing! You never know where a little inspiration can lead.

  5. Amy Kennedy says:

    oh wow! Those closet doors look amazing! It adds such a crisp, modern, structured look to the room! I love it!

  6. Love the closets! I just added the same trim to my wall in my living area. 😉 However, though I wanted to caulk the trim, I didn’t because my home is a rental. Easier to take down when/if I need to. 😉 Pinned!

    • Libbie Burling says:

      I stopped over to see your wall and LOVED it! It’s a great way to update that doesn’t have to be permanent. Kudo’s.

  7. Oh, and Libbie… Would love for you to share this on Homestyle Gathering tomorrow at My Wee Abode! 🙂 Feel free to share away!

  8. Cindy says:

    What a difference! I love the handles that your chose and the added trim looks so much nicer. I have some plain closet doors I really want to do this on them. Thanks,

  9. Mary says:

    Libbie what a difference the addition of the trim makes. It looks so much more modern and sleek now. And I cannot say enough about that wall!!!

  10. Roxanne says:

    Wow! Amazing makeover, I’ll be sharing this one!!

  11. Thanks for linking-up at Homestyle Gathering, Libbie! Be sure to come by tomorrow! 😉

  12. Wow! What a great idea! I will start a remodel of my family home in NC soon. The original louvered doors are still in place in all the bedrooms. I will be updating or replacing using your idea. Thank you for sharing!

    • Libbie Burling says:

      Thanks for stopping by Catherine! When you start updating come back and share your photos. I love to see everyone’s updates!

  13. Nickesha says:

    Such a huge difference made with a few items. I love how they turned out!

  14. Nancy King says:

    Love the look of the doors!! Really upclassed? them. Thank You. 💕💕

  15. Andrea says:

    So nice!!! Also admiring your beautiful wall !!!

  16. Anne Olive says:

    The whole room is beautiful and the closest doors are awesome! Thanks for the idea💜

    • Libbie Burling says:

      Thank you, Anne.

      I have updated 4 sets of closet doors since this one! (Might be a little out of control) 😉

      Thank you for stopping by.


  17. Gloria Hedgpeth says:

    Love this project, now I really want to know how you created the accent wall. Please share.

  18. Bertie says:

    I love your idea and it looks doable for me. Thank you very much for sharing.

  19. Mary Duck says:

    Very cool idea & looks great ‼️ I LOVE your job “supervisor” 😂. Came out really nice

  20. Maureen says:

    Hi there,

    Is it possible to provide a link for the beautiful hardware on the closet door?

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