Planning a bathroom remodel


We are planning a bathroom remodel! Woot. Woot!

This will be the fifth bathroom I have remodeled, and I am pretty excited about this project. I thought I’d share my planning process today.

Planning a bathroom remodel

Desperately in need of a glow up


Sigh, I wish this wasn’t ALWAYS the first consideration but let’s be real here. How much you have to spend/invest should always be your first consideration. This house is a rental for us, so we must carefully walk the fine line between upgrading and investment return. Deciding on a budget first also helps with knowing if I can change the footprint or if I have to work within the existing plan. We will be keeping the existing floor here and maybe saving some of the drywall. A gut and replace remodel if you will.

DIY or Hire it out

Okay, this is a big decision. It depends on your skill level. I wouldn’t suggest someone who has never picked up a hammer begin their DIY journey with bathroom remodels, but perhaps you can paint? Or Wallpaper? Are you experienced in those areas and ready to tackle a tile job? If not, hire it out. We have hired a plumber to install the shower plumbing and the sink, but we will do everything else ourselves.


If you hire this out, your contractor should take care of any necessary permits. As a homeowner in our area, we won’t need permits for this space since we are not moving anything. We will have a city inspection when completed since it’s a rental, so we know the details our city will check for in advance.

Before pic of bathroom layout before remodel
I can’t wait to have the flooring MATCH!

Design details

Yay! This is my favorite part of planning a bathroom remodel. I start with a few ideas that I collect on a Pinterest Board and then move on to a mood board. I usually find one element I fall in love with and build around. For this bathroom, it was a Facebook Marketplace piece I scored for $85.00. We will use it as the vanity. She is a little t,all but I love her!!

We will cut the legs down to get a comfortable height.

Mood Board

I love a mood board. It keeps me on track as the process goes along. I use Canva to make them and pull over items from my Pinterest board. Then, If I see something and think, “Oh, that’s perfect,” when I am shopping, I can pull out the mood board and see how it flows with what I have chosen. I am surprised by how often I get pulled off track and in another direction without my “plan.”

Planning a bathroom remodel moodboard featuring Art, cabinet, wallpaper and tile
Mood board for planning a bathroom remodel

Shop my mood board

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That’s it for my planning portion. I will be participating in the One Room Challenge so follow along weekly to check on my progress. Up next week will be a tile fiasco that we still haven’t figured out. Ugh.

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