Small Wet Room in Tiny Cottage Plan

Welcome! Today I am sharing the plans for a wet room in our Tiny Cottage.

Pretty space, isn’t it?

If you follow along regularly, you may remember we bought a tiny cottage last Fall that happens to be next door to a home we rent as a vacation rental. The Cottage is a tight 555 square feet with two bedrooms and one full bath, and this space (above) used to be the laundry area. We have moved the laundry to the basement and will make this another bathroom or a wet room.

We will be renovating this space in eight weeks! Because yep, I have once again signed up to participate in the One Room Challenge!

What is a Wet Room?

A wet room is a bathroom space designed so that everything can get wet. Usually, a wet room combines a shower right into the bathroom area with no separation and, in our case, will allow for space efficiency.

What is needed in a Wet Room?

The most crucial element is waterproofing. We will be tiling the floor, adding a sloped drain, and tiling the two walls that will most likely get wet or splashed. In addition, we will be adding extra venting to prevent any mold or mildew issues.

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Pebble Tile in Grey for a wet room space.
Tile for Wet Room Floor

Preventing Wet Room Problems.

We are doubling up on making sure the slope of the drain is correct, as well as taking extra precautions with waterproofing the floor (using a waterproof membrane) before we lay the tile.

Small Wet Room Plan

Mood Board for Small Wet Room.
Mood Board for Wet Room

We are using a floor tile that will require a lot of grout to keep it from being slippery. I chose a River stone from Home Depot to keep with the rest of the Modern Cottage theme in the rest of the house. This space is so small we are looking for a tiny sink and will not have a vanity, so I will have to come up with a storage solution.

We began the demo in the wet room, and this is where we are at today, the end of week one of the One Room Challenge.

Wet Room Before shot
Demo on Wet Room.

So what do you think? Would you add a Wet Room to your home? I’m excited about this space and hope you will follow along! A Big thank you to the One Room Challenge and Apartment Therapy for sponsoring the Spring 2023 ORC.

Until next week,


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  1. dee says:

    I like the idea and if I lived in a house with a pool/hot tub or even extensive gardening I would love to do this. Especially if a door to outdoors. Fun to follow along.

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