Thrift store mirror find.

Ten Thrifting Tips and Tricks

Hello, and welcome to the March edition from The Thrifty Style Team! My friends and I are sharing our favorite thrift store finds this month! I love thrifting so much that I thought I’d share ten thrifting tips and tricks I swear by!

Why do I thrift shop?

  • It’s fun! Grab a friend and make a day of it.
  • It saves items from going into the landfill.
  • Saves Money!
  • Often helps support non-profits.

A perfect example of why I love thrifting is the mirror pictured below it cost $35.00 at a neighborhood thrift shop.

Thrifted mirror

Quite the find, wasn’t it?!?! I love it here in our Airbnb.

So, what is the secret to scoring finds like this?

This mirror was in pretty good shape. The wrap was coming off and missing one of the hangers on the back. Both were minor fixes. This brings me to tip #1.

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Don’t skip an item that needs repair.

Minor repairs can be easy, so don’t let them deter you. You can purchase hardware for frames and mirrors inexpensively. I have this kit and used it to replace the missing parts of this mirror.

Ten tips and Tricks for Thrifting.
The Dove Print is also a thrifted item, and I switched out the frame.

Can an item be reimagined?

This is honestly one of my favorite reasons to thrift. My husband calls this my “Can you add legs to it?” obsession. I have made several different tables by adding legs to an item. One of My favorite finds has got to be my Chicken crate coffee table, but I am always on the lookout for any tray or piece of old luggage to make into end tables and such while I am thrifting. Don’t forget a simple paint job can transform an item. Here is where you can let your creativity run wild.

If you love something, buy it now!

I have always fought against this as I feel I could have hoarding tendencies (hello plant collection, I am looking at you). But over time, I have learned that if an item speaks to me, I will find a home for it eventually. Some of my favorite items in my house were found thrifting, and I had stored them for a time before finding the perfect us for them.

I found two of these gold wire baskets while thrifting (they still had tags) and held on to them for a year before turning them into an end table.

Thrifted Gold Baskets.
Gold Baskets were thrifted and turned into an end table.

Get to know your local thrift stores.

Thrifting can be a hit-or-miss experience. So you have to go regularly. Learn which day merchandise hits the floor. Talk to the employees and tell them anything you may be looking for. I leave my number and ask them to text me if something amazing comes in. What days do they run sales? Do they have theme days where they may hold merchandise and put it out all at once?

Plan your route.

This will save you time and overwhelm. Plus, you may want to pick up a Starbucks midway through your day. 🙂

Bring a tape measure.

This is one of my favorite thrifting tips. I carry a lightweight tape measure in my bag at all times. This inexpensive set is my favorite, and I can measure home decor pieces and even clothing. I also make sure I have bungee cords in my car.

Shop in the swanky areas of town.

I hate even to type this, but it’s true. I find some AMAZING pieces at the thrift stores in upscale neighborhoods. It is the same with suburbs with older populations, as they tend to have more furniture pieces.

Thrifted Anthro Lighting

Take a box to donate.

One of my best tricks for reducing clutter is to grab a box of donations when I go thrifting. One person’s trash is another treasure.

Bring hand sanitizer!

You will be touching dozens of items. I always carry baby wipes and hand sanitizer with me, but I find them especially useful while thrifting.

Check for a website.

Some of my local thrift shops have started a Facebook or IG account, and they often show what has recently arrived. Our local ReStore highlights new items on Wednesdays before they open on Thursdays. And one of my favorites…Goodwill has an online shopping site! You’ll pay for shipping, but they have some beautiful high-end items!

Bonus Tip-Keep a list of items you’d like to find.

Sometimes, I will see something that I love in a magazine or on a display someplace, but then I forget about it while I am actually out and about. So, I have a list in my bag of items that I’d love to find someday. I refresh the list on occasion, but I always peek when I think I’ve found a great vintage shop.

Your list will be very different than mine, but here is what is currently on it.

  • Libby’s Crate
  • Green Glass Goblets
  • Vintage Record player stand
  • Vintage Bathroom Sink
  • Brass dog
  • Leather doctor’s bag

Let’s take one last look at my newest favorite thrift find!

Large Thrift Store mirror.

That is it for my Ten thrifting tips and tricks. Do you have tips to add? I’d love to hear them. Comment below.

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    1. Kim says:

      Great tips and so helpful! I went out yesterday with a route and a tape measure and found a lovely mirror and lamp and I didn’t have to guess if they would fit!

    2. Mary Beth says:

      So many great tips! I especially like the ones about bringing a tape measure and dropping off a box while you’re there. I like to do that to, drop off and then shop. My husband doesn’t quite understand it but, he’s just silly!

    3. Cindy says:

      Libbie your tips are spot on! I agree with everything and love your mirror.

    4. MAria says:

      I love all your makeover with the finds. The gold basket is a wonderful one. Enjoyed reading this post.

    5. Kristi Dominguez says:

      Such great thrifting tips, Libbie! And yes, I’ve been known to scope out the higher end area’s thrift stores, too! xoxo, kristi

    6. Julie says:

      Oh my…that mirror is FANTASTIC!!!!! What a score. These are excellent tips, Libbie…and so true! We have a thrift store close by that is full of gorgeous items from wealthier neighborhoods. I was telling my daughter it seems more like a department store 😆 Thank you for being a great part of our team!

    7. Michelle E James says:

      So many helpful tips for thrift thing. Thank you so much for sharing. You have so many great items in your home. Happy Spring!

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