A plant mom’s guide to styling your plants

Do you know you want to have plants in your home, but you are at a loss at styling them? Here is a quick guide to adding them to your home decor, so they look great and thrive.

I’ve been a plant mom for decades. Plants are my absolute favorite go-to styling trick I use in my own home. On average, I have 50 plants or so at any given time- trust me, that number comes from leaving a list for my husband whenever I leave town for a few days ;). Today I am sharing how I style them throughout my home. So let’s get started.

Plants enjoying an extra dose of sunshine.

Plants enjoying an extra dose of sunshine.

Choose your plants for the light that you have.

I use easy to care for plants for styling; that way, If I get busy and neglect them a bit, they can take it. Something hardy like these Sansevieria, ZZ, or Pothos works well, and I also love to use air plants and succulents as they lend themselves to styling in different types of containers. I am also careful with lighting requirements. I tend to lack natural light, so I stick to med/Low light-loving plants and place those with higher light needs in my two sunnier rooms.

Plant on bathroom window sill.

Choose a variety of plants.

So how should you approach styling a space with plants? Choosing a variety of larger floor plants, smaller tabletop pieces, and a hanging assortment is always fun and provides a balance. I like to mix tall upright plants with training versions for depth. Plants can help elevate a space by adding shape, color, and texture in a room full of furniture, softening the lines, and adding visual interest. I also love that feeling of nature and the softness they add to an interior space filled with tile, like a kitchen or bathroom that is filled with hard surfaces. When choosing plants, it’s important to go with plants that will thrive in your environment and that you love.

Air plants displayed in a Printers tray.

Air plants are displayed in a Printers’s tray.

Use a variety of containers.

It’s easy to repurpose vintage pieces to add style to your plant game. Below I used a few vintage thrift stores finds. The beautiful vintage bowl and a vintage camera case. I lined the bottoms with plastic to plant-proof them and then layered two inches of rocks topped with succulent soil. It helps that these will not require much water, which is why I used succulents here.

While I love a beautiful terra cotta pot as much as the next guy, think woven baskets, metal bowls, vintage suitcases, almost anything can be modified into a planter.

I love using vintage pieces to style my plants.

I love using vintage pieces to style my plants.

Succulents in vintage camera bag.

Succulents in a vintage camera bag.

Style your plants in clusters with multiple heights.

Grouping plants together at varying heights can create a bigger impact. It can also add a different kind of visual interest. This works well with hanging plants or when using plants on a bookcase or shelf.

Topiaries on a patio.

Topiaries on a patio.

Plants on a bookshelf

Plants on a bookshelf

Plants can fill a space.

Plants do a wonderful job filling awkward corners, and taller floor plants are a great way to add instant height next to chairs, sofas, or a bed.

Floor plant fills up corner

Plant in vintage can

Make a statement with a plant wall.

One very on-trend statement piece is a plant wall. There are so many versions of this on Pinterest and decor blogs, but I love a wall full of plants no matter what version I see. This wall planter was a quick DIY you can see here.

Plant wall out of vintage fencing

I hope I’ve given you a few ideas on styling your own plants and that you are ready to dive in.





I want to give a shout-out to my friend Helen at Hpdesign.com for some of the beautiful photos. She always makes my visions look amazing.

Until next time,


Plant styling guide.

Plant styling guide.

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  1. Alyssa says:

    Wow I love all the ways you have styled these plants!! I need a lot of help and often times have no idea where to start or how to keep alive

  2. I’m always looking for new ways to display plants. Thanks for giving me tons of ideas Libbie!

  3. Deana 3 says:

    I am such a plant lover! This is a wonderful world of information

  4. Michelle says:

    OMW, how lovely. Plants in a home always make it feel like you’re outside and you have some beauties in your collection Libbie. Thanks so much for all the ideas

  5. Sara says:

    So much inspiration here and all gorgeous! Did you DIY that hanging plant wall?

  6. Meegan says:

    I need all the plant tips I can get! Thank you for sharing.

  7. Jayne says:

    I’m just past the ‘keeping them alive’ stage and am ready to progress to styling so you tips have come at the right time for me – thanks!

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