DIY Indoor Living Plant Wall

With just a few simple supplies, you can make your very own DIY Indoor Living Plant Wall. Easy to maintain, this indoor plant wall is a great way to add a feature wall to any room.

If you love collecting plants, you’ll love today’s DIY project – a DIY Indoor Plant Wall! 

Now you can organize your plants vertically – which means there is room for even more! Woot!

I first created this DIY plant wall for a short-term rental property to add a unique feature wall that would capture some attention. However, now that I’ve witnessed the ease of it, both making it and maintaining it, I can’t wait to add one to my own home.

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What Is A Living Plant Wall?

A living plant wall is just what it sounds like – a wall of plants. It can cover anything from a wall with just a few plants to one completely covered and be inside or outside.

In today’s post, we’re specifically talking about a DIY indoor living plant wall, which is a great way to showcase your plants without taking up a ton of floor or table space.

What’s The Difference Between A Living Plant Wall and A Green Wall?

“The two terms are sometimes used interchangeably, but in general, in a living plant wall, the plants are contained in pots or other containers. A green wall is more likely made of wire, mesh, or cables so that the plants can climb or “grow wild,” with the idea of the plants growing to cover every bit of the wall, turning it green. 

Indoor Plant Wall Materials Needed:

  • 2- 4 ft pieces of plywood
  • 1 x 2 board
  • Screws with anchors
  • Spray paint
  • 4 and 6-inch plant hangers
  • 4 and 6-inch clay pots
  • Plants
  • Plants

How To Make An Indoor Living Plant Wall

Making a DIY plant wall is likely a lot easier than you think. I was able to complete mine in a few short hours, which makes it a great weekend DIY project.

  • Cut the plywood. Start by cutting your plywood to fit the wall space. We needed two separate pieces as the wall has a weird jut in it at the corner- which was part of the reason I chose this corner. It had a lot going on over there.
  • Paint. Paint the plywood your desired color. We went with Moss Green to stick with the plant theme. 
  • Attach the plywood to the wall. For us, this meant in a way that was easily removable. Because the bathroom is on the opposite side of this wall, I didn’t want to attach a ton of screws to the wall that could maybe hit a pipe, so we made the plywood into a frame and attached that to the wall. If I decide to take it down later, we only have four screw holes to fill on each piece. Finding the studs, we found we could get way with using only one screw in each corner.
Plywood prior to painting for plant wall.
Cutting the plywood
Spray painting plywood a Moss Green
Painting the plywood Moss Green

We needed two separate pieces as the wall has a weird jut at the corner- which was part of why I chose this corner. It had a lot going on over there.

Before shot of the corner.
Cutting the plywood to fit. DIY plant wall.
One side was cut to size.
Making a frame to hang the plant holders on.
I am attaching the frame to the wall.
Because we found studs, we put one screw in each corner.

Adding the Plants:

  • Next, attach the plant holders. I used both 4-inch and 6-inch plant holders that I found on Amazon. I think the variety in size looks fantastic but use whatever size(s) you would like. You can attach them in even lines, try a zigzag pattern, space them randomly, etc.
  • Adding the plants. Once all the planters were hung, I put the plants into clay pots that I bought locally and then placed them in the planters.
Plant holders.

I was happy that I wasn’t in danger of hitting any plumbing!

Placing the pots and attaching to the frame.
I am adding the plant holders.

Quick Tip:

One: when purchasing the clay pots, take a plant ring with you. I found that the 6-inch pots varied a little in size, and some pots slipped through the planter’s rim. For whatever reason the 4-inch pots were all the same size.

Two: Take a few minutes to see how much light your wall is going to get throughout the day as it will make a big difference in caring for your new plants.

Benefits of a Living Plant Wall

  • Can improve air quality
  • Plants can reduce stress
  • May reduce fatigue
  • Caring for them may reduce anxiety and depression
  • Can add pops of color to our decor

What Plants Are Best For An Indoor Plant Wall?

When it comes to selecting the plants for your DIY living plant wall, you want to choose low-maintence plants. Think ones that don’t require a ton of natural sunlight or water. I also recommend choosing ones that don’t lose their leaves often. Basically, the less maintenance a plant needs and the harder it is to kill, the better it is for your indoor plant wall.

  • Snake Plant/Sansevieria
  • ZZ Plant
  • Pothos
  • Philodendron
  • Spider Plant
  • Monstera
  • Chinese Evergreen
  • Lucky Bamboo
  • Aloe
  • Hoya
  • Succulents

Kitchen Herbs:

  • Basil
  • Oregano
  • Mint
  • Sage
  • Chives
  • Rosemary

How Do You Water A Living Plant Wall?

There are some fancy ways of watering living plant walls but I was not about to install a fancy irrigation system or water pump for my DIY indoor plant wall!

Instead, since I purposefully chose plants that don’t require every day watering, I just pull them down and place them in the shower while I clean the rest of the house. It’s the easiest, least fuss way I could come up with.

You can also try to water them right on the wall using a watering can, as long as the planters don’t have holes that will drip down.

The plants get plenty of light from the window.

Indoor Plant Wall as an accent wall
DIY accent wall made from plants.

My guests have LOVED the wall so far.

Close up of indoor plant wall
Easy-care plants are essential.

After I made this living plant accent wall, I found this article talking about how accent walls can add to your home value! Win, Win!

Pin for DIY Living Plant Wall
Pin for Later!

So, tell me. What do you think? Would you put one in your home?

Until Next time,


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  1. I love how this came out! Really makes the whole room. I think you have inspired me to make one for my sunroom!!

  2. Nicolle says:

    Libby I love the way this turned out! Now I’m looking for a wall I can do this to in my home 🙂 Maybe my office

  3. That plant wall looks nice. Plants always can dazzle up a room.

  4. Beautiful work. Thanks for posting at Funtastic Friday Link Party.

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    This is absolutely wonderful! Now I want one.
    Thanks for sharing it at the TFT party!

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  8. Pam says:

    P.S. I’m featuring it this morning at the TFT party. Congrats!

  9. Cindy says:

    This very creative and pretty.

  10. Toby Morris says:

    Seems like you’d need a “drip rug” or something to lay down on the floor to catch any drips from the pots. Maybe a placemat that pet owners use to put feeding dishes on could work or a mat that families use by the door for snow or rain boots. I do like the look of the plant wall, though.

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