Cottage Bedroom with an open closet and wood accent wall.

Open Closet Ideas for a Small Bedroom

Hello! Today, I share a design dilemma I recently encountered at our renovated cottage. We expanded the main bedroom in the cottage by three feet (yay), and I was so excited! Once all the walls were in as we were space planning, I was determined to get a king-size bed into the room. The problem was that we would not have room for closet doors to open if I did that. I was not about to let a little thing like a lack of closet doors squash my plans, so I set out to find open closet ideas for a small bedroom.

What is an Open Closet?

An open closet is a closet that has no doors. This could be because you don’t have room for a door, as in my case, or simply a design decision to optimize space or traffic flow. There is a trend of taking closet doors off to make a small home office or “cloffice,” but that is a post for another day. 🙂

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Making an Open Closet Feel Intentional.

Once I had decided to sacrifice the closet doors for a king-size bed, I knew I had to concentrate on making it both pretty and functional.

Peel and Stick Wall Paper

I was all set to paint the closet’s interior a pretty blue (to match the door), but then I stumbled across this peel-and-stick wallpaper from Tempaper, and the pattern and color palette was perfect! This is the first time I have wallpapered the inside of a closet, but wow! I highly recommend it.

Installing wallpaper in an open closet

As a bonus, Peel-and-stick wallpaper is a relatively easy DIY (even for a beginner) and only takes a few hours. This small space is perfect for taking a design risk that might feel overwhelming in an entire room. Another plus is that you truly get a bold statement for not having a huge investment.

Peel-and Stick wallpaper in an Open closet

Pay Attention to the Finishing Details

Because the closet space will be open to the room, I made sure we added trim along the flooring. I also trimmed out the breaker box (and painted it blue). This helps the closet feel like it has a cohesive look. Following the same thought, we trimmed the outside of the closet doors in case a future buyer would like to add doors later.

Functional Storage

My closet space is small, but I need it to store a lot. The cottage is also used as a vacation rental, and as the cottage itself does not have much in the way of storage, I need this closet to function well. So, I looked for baskets for storing smaller items and a tower storage option that would not take up all the floor space (similar here). Any decorative storage bins I added needed to look good and hold all the stuff.

Open closet ideas for a small bedroom.

Add a Rod for Hanging Storage

I debated for a hot minute, but we did add a hanging rod (not shown here) under the closet shelving for longer clothing items and some pretty hangers for hanging storage for guests. We had enough room to add a couple of luggage racks for our guests.

An Open closet featuring peel-and-stick wallpaper, a pretty curtain panel and a brass tension rod.

Hang a Curtain Panel

As much as I love the open closet concept, there will be times when the closet is messy or not as organized as I may want. Knowing this going in, I did add a curtain panel hung from a brass tension rod. If I chose to, it would be a nice option for closing the closet off from full view.

Peel-and-stick wallpaper in a open closet.

Other items for an Open Closet

I kept this closet pretty simple, but I had several ideas that were floating around. I had actually picked a pretty light fixture that I am still mulling over.

  • Add a pretty light fixture! I opted for functional lighting for my guest’s comfort, but a cottage-style chandelier would be lovely here, also. Side note: Proper lighting is essential in any closet.
  • The back wall is the perfect place for a full-length mirror! We actually have one in this room already. Think dressing room style.
  • Hooks! I am a fan of hooks, and a closet is an ideal place for sneaking in some extras (it helps keep clothes off the bench or chair). Here are some of my very favorite decorative hooks.
  • Add a small dresser for some closed storage.
  • Shoe racks to tackle all the shoes!
  • A Small stool
  • Closet Organizers
Pretty Accent wall in a small cottage bedroom featuring an open closet with polka dot wallpaper.
Small cottage bedroom with an open closet and an accent wall.

While an Open Closet Design may not be for everyone, for this small bedroom, it allows easy access, and it was a great way to allow me enough room to fit the king-size bed in!

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