White Flowers add a touch of Romance to your Flower Arrangements.

Are you looking to add a touch of romance to your next date night, anniversary celebration, or even a cozy night in? Let me start by admitting I am a hopeless romantic and fresh flower enthusiast! I am also pragmatic enough to understand that if I want to enjoy a beautiful floral arrangement, I don’t want it to cost a fortune. So what’s a girl to do?? Look no further than the power of DIY floral arrangements with White Flowers.

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Why DIY a flower arrangement?

  • Saves money!
  • DIY allows the freedom to get the look that you want.
  • It is easier than most people think!

Why White Flowers

Classic red roses may be the popular choice for Valentine’s Day, but don’t underestimate the beauty of white blooms. White flowers, especially white roses, have a surprising romantic depth. This timeless elegance isn’t just an accident – it’s why weddings overflow with these romantic, beautiful blooms.

Going beyond tradition, white blooms exude a softer, ethereal kind of romance. So, let’s step outside the red rose box and embrace the quiet poetry of white flowers for a touch of sophisticated romance on your next special occasion.

Floral bouquets from Trader Joe's featuring white flowers.
Photo Credit: ALifeUnfolding.com

Let’s get started:

Buying your flowers:

I am a huge fan of buying grocery store flowers. It allows me to have fresh flowers in my home year-round. Trader Joe’s is my favorite, but almost all grocery stores carry flowers these days. A tip here is to know the day your store receives its delivery so that you have the freshest mix possible to choose from. I have been known to show up at 8:00 on Thursday at my neighborhood TJ’s with a coffee in hand, ready to dig through all the colorful bouquets.

Types of Flowers I recommend:

Since we are working on a romantic flower arrangement featuring white flowers, I chose the following:

  • White Roses – I chose garden roses, which open beautifully and have a rose fragrance.
  • Tulips
  • Wax Flowers
  • Seeded Eucalyptus – I love this because it drapes so beautifully.

Some different flowers you could also use:

  • Stargazer Lillies- a long-lasting flower
  • Baby’s breath- also known as gypsophila
  • Lisianthus- one of the most romantic flowers
  • Ranunculus
  • Italian Ruscus – a wispy greenery

I will show three easy ways to DIY your flowers into a stunning arrangement.

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Vase of Flowers

Grab a tall vase (mine is about 9 inches high) and fill it with lukewarm water. Prepare your vase by adding your favorite preservative. I like adding a splash of cheap vodka to the vase’s water, but the store’s preservative packet works fine, too. Peel off any guard petals- you will find these are the wrinkled or darker petals- pull them off gently.

White roses with the guard petals being removed.
Photo Credit: Alifeunfolding.com

Make a 45-degree cut with a knife or sharp scissors (I use these) to allow your blooms to soak up as much fresh water as possible.

Timing flower stems with scissors
Photo Credit: Alifeunfolding.com

Here is a very simple arrangement. We are just cutting the roses and greenery and adding them to the vase for this arrangement. Begin with lining the vase with Eucalyptus (letting it drape around the vase edges) and begin to add the roses.

White flowers and seeded eucalyptus in a glass vase.
Photo Credit: Alifeunfolding.com

Leave the roses about 1.5 times the height of the vase and place the tallest in the middle. I like to keep this very loose and casual.

White Garden Roses being arranged in a clear vase.
Photo Credit: Alifeunfolding.com

You can add some greenery in the middle to make sure it is nice and full. Turn the arrangement occasionally to make sure it is balanced. Remember, there is no perfect way to arrange these, so whatever looks most pleasing to you. This feels modern and fresh to me.

Photo Credit: Alifeunfolding.com

DIY Flower Arrangements with White Flowers.

Let’s design an arrangement that feels a little more elevated this time. This type of arrangement is pretty in an all-white palette, as well as with flowers in a variety of colors.

Let’s start with a shorter vase.

I am using a different vase this time. It’s a fishbowl-style clear glass vase. Fill your vase with water, and then we will add a grid (use scotch tape or green floral tape), which will help hold your flowers while you arrange them.

Round glass vase with a scotch tape grid for designing a floral arrangement.
Photo Credit: Alifeunfolding.com

I’m working with the same flowers here, so I will again start with the Eucalyptus to line the outside of the vase.

Seeded Eucalyptus being placed into a grid for a DIY romantic floral arrangement.
Photo Credit: Alifeunfolding.com

Next up, add the taller flowers (in my case, these gorgeous tulips). This arrangement will be more asymmetrical, so I am letting the left side be wider than the right.

Designing a DIY White Flower Arrangement.
Photo Credit: Alifeunfolding.com

I like my floral designs to feel organic and let the stems dictate the shape. Once the tulips were arranged, I added white garden roses. A tip for roses in arrangements- if they are too tight, you can run water in the middle to get them to open a bit more. When designing a centerpiece, keep the rule of odd numbers (3, 5, 7) for your larger blooms, which can help you balance your flowers.

White Garden Roses, White Tulips and Wax flowers with seeded eucalyptus creates a romantic floral arrangement.
Photo Credit: Alifeunfolding.com

Finally, I use my filler flowers- in this case, wax flowers- to fill gaps and add height and airiness.

All White Floral Centerpiece on a table.
Photo Credit: Alifeunfolding.com

Tableside Flower Arrangement with White Flowers

Start with a smaller vase for our final arrangement (this is also a perfect size arrangement for springtime flowers). My vase is about 5 inches tall. A taped grid will help keep your stems steady.

White Garden Roses
Photo Credit: Alifeunfolding.com

Line your vase with the Eucalyptus. Cut your roses long enough to touch each other in the vase. I usually use 5-7 roses for this size arrangement. You will probably end up cutting off most of the leaves from the roses. Set some of those aside as we are going to use them.

Photo Credit: Alifeunfolding.com

Place the stems that have leaves on them between some of the roses. That is all there is to it!

Photo Credit: Alifeunfolding.com

So, those are three easy ways to make arrangements for a gorgeous flower bouquet. We all deserve to treat ourselves, and romantic flower arrangements are a beautiful way to do that. Flowers don’t have to be a grand romantic gesture from a partner!

You can shop my Amazon Storefront for suggestions for creating beautiful flower arrangements, including this beautiful vase that makes arranging flowers a breeze!

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That’s it for our DIY floral arrangements with white flowers. Will you give it a try?

Until next time,


Vase of white garden roses in the middle of a dining table.
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