Jeffrey Court Fall 2021 Renovation Challenge/Week two

Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge Week Two

Hello and welcome to week two of our Airbnb Kitchen Renovation. If you’d like to catch up, here is what happened last week.

We are crazy excited to be participating in the #JCCrenovation and….plot twist; you guys get to VOTE on your favorites starting this week! We would love your support, so vote daily and from every device!!

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So what happened this week???

  • Removed Countertops
  • Removed Upper Cabinets
  • Built on to the penisula
  • Started Concrete Countertops
Removing Kitchen Uppers

Removing the Upper Cabinets

We worked hard this week on the demolition. Starting with removing the upper cabinets and checking out what was in the soffits- not the news I was hoping for, and they will be staying.

Let’s hear it for week two of the Jeffery Court Renovation Challenge!

We also tore out the front of the peninsula so we could add an overhang for stools.

The peninsula will be expanded.

I am laughing as I post this next photo.

I planned to remove the uppers around the window so we could add open shelving. But once we started, I couldn’t stop.

Before you panic and think, “how could she remove all that storage”-keep in mind we will be using this as an Airbnb (and the easier things are to find, the better), and just off to the right of this frame is a huge pantry closet for storage for any future homeowners.

Demo almost completed!

Once we cleaned up everything, it was time for a project!

We jumped right in with COUNTERTOPS!

I knew when I planned the kitchen design that I wanted to have white countertops in here.

I was also looking to add some organic elements, so I settled on white concrete.

Thankfully for us concrete rookies, I discovered Z Counterform countertops.

Installing White Concrete Countertops

Nineteen bags of concrete- a big shout out to hubby who mixed and poured these.

Z Counterform has everything you need to form, build and finish your countertops, and they make it so easy with their step-by-step videos.

Adding depth to the counters

While I will admit it wasn’t an easy project, If we can do it, you can too!

Getting ready to mix and pour

I will write a step-by-step on the countertops later this week, but we got as far as pouring and snapping off the molds for now.

Concrete poured and curing.
With molds snapped off.

The concrete still needs to be sanded and sealed, but we are pumped about the finished product so far.

And that’s it for week two.

For week three, we have planned.

  • Finish sanding and sealing countertops
  • Install Backsplash
  • Choose appliances- we are keeping the stove.

A HUGE thanks to Z Counterforms for sponsoring our countertops.

And to Jeffery Court HD, Frogtape and Wagner for sponsoring the Renovation Challenge.

And to Z Counter Top Solutions for providing the materials for our white concrete countertops.

Don’t forget to vote!!

See you next week,


Thank you to the following sponsors

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  1. Cindy Rust says:

    I’m excited to see the tutorial on pouring concrete for the countertops! This is going to be gorgeous! Pinning 😊

  2. Leslie Watkins says:

    My husband will love the concrete countertops! I am following closely because I have Jeffrey Court backsplash to put up soon!

  3. Marieza says:

    Wow! The countertops already look amazing! Removing the upper cabinets was a smart move, it looks so much bigger. Well done!

  4. […] White concrete countertops like the ones my buddy Libbie just made would look great with our existing countertops. […]

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