Painted plastic counter stools

Painting plastic furniture-counter stools remade


Have you ever purchased something and it just wasn’t the right color?

I am in the middle of a kitchen renovation and the bar stools that I purchased online because they looked like the perfect dusty blue arrived very close to a baby blue.

So, I thought how easy would it be too paint plastic furniture???

Painting plastic furniture

Nice bar stool just the wrong color so let’s paint the plastic seat!

So here is the deal, I love everything about the counter stools.

The shape, the ability to wipe these down easily and the price!

However, the blue just isn’t the look I am going for.

So, I do what I always do and decided to make them over.

I thought about spray painting them.

Because spray painting is my DIY super power!

I love Krylon’s line of spray paints and used a ton of it when we DIY’d my daughters wedding decor.

But it was very important to get the color right and the options of the spray paint was somewhat limited.

So, I decided to check in with my local Sherwin-Williams store.

And they recommended their Acrylic latex paint made for vinyl.

It’s a brush on paint and primer made for exteriors.

Prepping the surface

Prepping for the paint

Even though these stools are new, I wiped them down with TSP cleaner to clean off the slightly oily feel they had.

I then wrapped the legs and underneath hardware with delicate surface Frogtape and plastic sheeting.

I wanted a pretty finish on these chairs so I used my Paint Sprayer from Wagner Spray Tech.

This is seriously a game changer for anyone interested in DIY projects.

Choosing my color

So the blue wasn’t working and initially I wanted to just change it up to a dustier blue but as the kitchen renovation progressed I decided I needed more green in the space.

So I ended up choosing a muted green by Sherwin-Williams SW-6438 Dill.

SW 6438 Dill

Using the paint sprayer I painted with slow even strokes.

The coverage was excellent!

Side by side colors

The paint sprayer made quick work and I sprayed 3 very light coats letting each coat dry for a couple of hours.

Touch the paint to make sure it is dry to the touch before adding another coat.

I let them cure for 48 hours and then took them upstairs.

Finished stools

Here is what they look like now.

Painted Green bar stools
Painting plastic furniture

What do you think?

I’ll be sure and review after we start getting some heavy use but they are holding up fine so far.

Painted Dill SW6438 counter stool

I am in love with the green!

The finished stools

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  1. I like those chairs…I am on the lookout for counter height chairs. It’s good to know they can be painted if the decor changes.
    Thanks for sharing…they look great!

  2. Kippi Ohern says:

    I love green paint. I mean, it’s my favorite color ever! Great idea to paint chairs or furniture the color you want. I cannot wait to see the finished room.

  3. Leen Curinga says:

    Good to know about that kind of paint! I love the color you chose, the stools look great!

  4. maria says:

    Wow what a soothing color, really love the green. Beautiful job.

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