7 favorite DIY Home projects from 2022

My 7 favorite Home DIYs from 2022.

This week, I am planning projects for 2023 by looking back at my 7 favorite Home DIYs from 2022.

Let’s count them down.

Painted a fireplace

This simple DIY shows the power of paint. We used SW 6991 Black Magic, and it’s soooo good. It wasn’t as hard of a decision to paint it as it would have been if the brick had been natural, but my husband resisted this one for some reason. This is at our Trowbridge project, and it made a huge difference in the living space. Here is a before and after.

The Before picture of the fireplace
One of my 7 Favorites DIYs from 2022 Painted a fireplace black.
After painting the fireplace.

DIY Stair Railing

We had to DIY the stair railing in our Ellery and Third Street project early last year when we ran into supply issues. I haven’t written the tutorial yet, but it’s on my list. I love how this project turned out. We used gas piping and pipe flange, and the only thing I would reconsider is that kids love to crawl on the horizontal bars.

DIY stair rail.
DIY Chair Rail / Feb 2022

DIY Desk from a Door

This DIY desk is one of my favorite DIYs from 2022 because it was cheap and easy! We found the door at our local Restore, which perfectly fits into an awkward corner of the principal bedroom at our Ellery and Third Street project.

Easy DIY Desk from a door.
DIY Desk from a door March 2022.

DIY Living Plant Wall

I absolutely love this DIY living plant wall, but it caused quite a bit of controversy. People wrote that the plants would drip when watered or most certainly die. Neither was the case. The plants held up very well, and no drips (I put them in the sink to water)!

Living plant wall one of my 7 favorite DIYs last year.
Living Plant Wall DIY
Up close picture of DIY Living Plant Wall.
One of my 7 favorite DIYs in 2022.

And the after.

Headboard from Plywood

I made a headboard from plywood. This was reasonably easy for a DIY, and even my husband likes it now that it’s finished.

DIY Headboard with frames from plywood.
DIY Headboard from plywood
Easy DIY Headboard.
The color is SW Tassel.

Propagation station DIY

This DIY is at our Ellery and Third Street project (a short-term rental), and our guests LOVE it. I started using it for cut flowers but then switched it to my original intent, which was plant cuttings.

DIY Window Valance with fresh flowers.
Flowers in vases

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And as propagation vases.

DIY Propagation Station.
Propagation Station- One of my 2022 favorites.

Wallpapered a ceiling

It is usually hard for me to pick a true favorite, but hands down, this is it. Who knew wallpaper would make such a huge difference? This bold floral paper was not easy to hang but worth the aching back! I am looking for more ceilings to wallpaper; I love it so much.

Bold Wallpapered ceiling.
Dining room ceiling wallpaper
Diy ceiling wallpaper in dining room.
7 Favorite DIYs in 2022

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It was quite the year! As I looked back on all the things we worked on, two entire house renovations, a new deck at our house, plus a mini kitchen update, I realized never to underestimate the power of paint- or wallpaper. They can indeed have a big impact. I hope I’ve inspired you with my 7 favorite Home DIYs from 2022 to start your own DIY project.

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