Blue and White Kitchen backslash featuring Heaswinds tile from Jeffery Court

Renovation ups and downs- Jeffery Court Renovation week four.

Welcome back! Here we are on week four of the Jeffery Court Renovation Challenge.

And all I can say is whoa.

This week has been a doozy.

We’ve had a week of the renovations blues with ups and downs that have made my head spin!

If you would like to follow our week by week progress, you can see it here:

Week 1/ Week 2/ Week 3

Renovations ups and downs

First let me say, I LOVE my Jeffery Court TILE!

Last week we started strong and ended up with a broken tile saw.

I am getting very nervous about finishing.

Can you feel the panic setting in from where you are?

Then we decided borrowed a tile saw from a friend and were back in business!

Did I mention we also had a planned trip to Portland to visit the Grand Littles?

Yep, all smack in the middle of week four.


As I said…ups and downs.

Before we left we were able to finish the backsplash.


This is a renovation up!

Once we had the tile saw, the backsplash went up fairly quickly.

I learned a few things I learned using a patterned tile.

  • A friend of ours professionally lays tiles (and loaned us the tile saw) taught me that cardboard is your best friend when your tile has a pattern. Adjusting your grout lines can help make up for the slight imperfections in tile.
  • My original plan for 1/16 grout lines was never a good plan as the larger the line the more wiggle room you have for your pattern matching up.
  • Butter the tile itself when you get into tight spaces. Seems like common sense but I was still trying to apply it to the wall in some tight corners.

What we did get done.

Backsplash is completed.

The floors tiles were laid and sealed and they need to be grouted.

Before we grouted we went ahead and removed the baseboard heating in the house.

We started the cabinets and the color is making me happy dance!

Kitchen Renovation featuring marble flooring from Jeffery Court Tile
Floor tile is Suburbs and is available from Home Depot

Walls are patched and ready to be primed.

Kitchen demo featuring drywall repair
Skim coating in process

On a happy note:

The fridge works (we thought it was a goner), so I may paint it- yep, you heard that right.

At least until I can get my hands on my dream Smeg fridge.

Painting is much more the likely option.

Would you dare to paint an appliance?

This Smeg fridge would look so pretty in the kitchen!

During week four we made some progress, but it was a week that put us even further behind. Hopefully, we will make progress on this kitchen reno once we return home.

We are hoping our gifted Wagner Paint Sprayer makes quick work of all of the paint jobs we have waiting for us.

Even happier note: We met our newest Grandson for the first time!

Meet Baby James

Okay, so our list is still so so long!

  • Grout Floors
  • Cabinets need painted
  • Paint Walls
  • Paint Trim
  • Install Open shelves
  • Have dishwasher installed
  • Fridge painted- I have to stop adding things to this list!
  • Hardware for cabinets
  • Seal backsplash

When we get home, it will be some very long days!

Fingers crossed, we can get it all completed in time.

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Thank you to Jeffery Court HD for this opportunity to participate, and the Challenge sponsors Frogtape and Wagner Spray tech.

Follow along on IG for daily updates and behind the scene goings-on.

Until next time,

– Libbie

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